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Cairns 1010 Black Traditional Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA, OSHA

$394.59 - $555.59
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Traditional composite fiberglass fire helmet with a perfect balance of durability and performance. 

Low profile and superior balance in a classic design. Cairns fire helmets have some of the lowest ride-heights in the market. Compare the crown clearance of the popular Cairns 1010 model, with its advanced thermal impact cap, to other traditional helmets. The distance from the inside of the Cairns 1010 shell to the suspension straps is less than 2-1/2 inches. Most competitive helmets, even those without an impact cap, are actually taller at more than 2-3/4 inches high.

The difference in balance and wear-ability are readily apparent, especially when worn for long periods under the stressful conditions they’re designed for. You can count on these classic, traditional helmets to look good, stay comfortable, and perform dependably—providing the protection you need—for many years of hard use.

MSA's exclusive Defender Visor— Never lose or misplace your eye protection again. There’s no other NFPA compliant helmet eyewear as compact or as convenient. The MSA Defender Visor actually retracts into the helmet’s shell where it stays clean and instantly ready to deploy. Cairns’ unique design allows the visor to be raised and lowered in an instant, even with gloved hands. And don't be concerned about it slipping; the Defender stays securely stowed until YOU pull it down.

It’s optically correct lens eliminates peripheral distortion. Its sleek, close-fitting profile leaves nothing sticking out or hanging off the helmet to get caught on something in zero-visibility conditions or throw the helmet off balance. And maintenance is simple. The visor can be quickly disconnected from the helmet without tools, allowing fast lens changes, even during field use.  Prepare for maximum efficiency.

A sleek, low-profile, NFPA-compliant goggle designed to fit comfortably over most prescription glasses. The high-temperature frame allows fast lens replacement. Patented Speed Clips make strap adjustments easy, even with gloves on. The snap-on/snap-off mounting system consists of simple low-profile posts on the sides of the helmet. Goggles can be used alone or with a faceshield. They can be stored on the front or back of the helmet, or quickly removed, as desired.

Eye Protection Combinations (Goggles with the Bourke eyeshield): NFPA-1971-2018 Compliant

Eye Protection Combinations (Defender Visor with Bourke eyesheild):
NFPA Compliant

Bourke Eye Shield. Traditional styling with these clear bourke eyeshields.  Bourke eyeshields exceed US-OSHA (CFR 1910) NBSIR-1977.

Note: Images shown are the old bourkes. NEW NFPA bourkes will ship on helmets ordered with bourkes.

4”  Tuffshield® Visor. Although it costs you no more than the clear and smoke visor options, we at TheFireStore.com believe the Tuffshield visor offers distinct advantages. We supply it as the standard equipment visor on all Cairns Traditional and Deluxe Configuration helmets for some very good reasons: Tuffshield is significantly more heat resistant. The Tuffshield Defender visor is heat-resistant up to 500° F. Other visor materials will start to melt at about 345° Tuffshield is a heavier grade material with more impact resistance. As the name implies, it’s just tougher.

The slight yellowish tint helps you see better, day or night. Like a pair of amber shooting glasses, they filter out harsh wavelengths and glare, improving contrast and revealing more detail under all lighting conditions—including looking at flames.  4” amber Tuffshield visor is compliant with NFPA 1971, 2007 edition. All visors meet ANSI Z87.1+ impact requirements.

Standard Configuration Includes:
  • Flannel Cushion Liner,
  • Nomex Earlaps
  • Silk Screened Maltese Cross Front Holder
Deluxe Configuration Includes:
  • Leather Cushion Liner
  • Flannel Crown Pad
  • PBI/Kevlar Earlaps
  • 3-D Carved Brass Eagle 6" Front Holder
  • 6" Leather Fronts are sold seperately
  • Screws to mount Leather Front M12 & M16 Shield Brackets are not included
  • Screws are available separately

Great helmet!


Fighting fire

Beware item may not be in stock.


nice product

one of the best i've had on my head


I had a helmet before the 1010 and it had a really cheap plastic strap holding system that was held together by cheap plastic pins. One run through a building and all the pins were broke and the helmet could no longer be used unless the pins were replaced. The other helmet also hurt my head when wearing snug. Got this helmet as a replacement. This helmet so far is way more superior. The internal holding portion is sturdy and reliable. It also feels good wearing as its light weight and doesn't apply wierd pressure points to the head like the other helmets. All in all i would recommend this to any firefighter i come across



This is what I consider the best helmet on the market its safe, comfortable, and it looks good.

tope heavy


I had this helmet with the defender shield. Very top heavy. It is ok with out the defender.

Over all, great helmet


I purchased one with the defender visor for the company I volunteer at in Baltimore County. It's a great helmet, it can handle a lot of damage, the only thing I would say is an issue is this: I reccomend buying a different set of tetrahedrons for the 1010. The ones that come with it reflect light, but they peal off easily, I've already lost four of them. I would deffinanly suggest getting some that will last. Other that that, I absolutely reccomend this helmet to anyone.

little heavy, but great helemt


i have the deluxe with defender eye protection and i added bourkes to it. with the defender it sits a little higer on my head, iv goten used to it. it does get a little heavy after iv been working some of it is my falt for what iv added. i love this helment.

Carins 1010 with bourkes


Great helmet. Nothing bad to say about it. Traditional look with modern safety features. I recommend this helmet to any department.

fast delivery and great prices


I always purchase new structural fire fighting helmets from firestore.com when I hire new firefighters

replace helmet


great helmet ,use 1010,s for years,vfd andmilitary service, us navy seabees firefighting

Great helmet by Cairns


I use this helmet for school and training so i don't ruin my good gear

Fits great, feels great, looks great


I love it

lightweight, looks great


looks and feels great

great and fast service


Purchased for a spare helmet for our spare gear rack.


"At what temperature will these helmets begin to fail? Can these helmets be repainted using high temperature header paint?"

I'm sorry that we have taken so long to answer your questions about the 1010 Cairns helmet, and I don't have your answers in this e mail. I have a couple cut sheets in a seperate e mails, that I am forwarding to you with the hope that they will answer your question about the heat. As far as painting the 1010, I wouldn't recommend it, the helmets are made in a mold injection process and the color is in the injection process, I don't think you would be happy with the results. Keep an eye out for the other e mails, they should follow this one

"Does the carins 1010 have a sheld mounting bracket when you order it or do you have to purches it seaport ?"

Are you asking if there is a bracket to attache your front to on the new helmet the answer is yes, it comes with the helmet, just attach your front and your in service.

"How Much does it weigh ?"

About 5 Lbs.

"Is the helmet with the Bourkes and Defender Visor both NFPA and OSHA compliant?"

Cairns: 1010 Traditional Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA, OSHA

"Is the helmet with the Bourkes and Defender Visor both NFPA and OSHA compliant?"

Cairns: 1010 Traditional Fiberglass Helmet, NFPA, OSHA, this is written in the Cairns description. Just remember without the Defender, Goggles, 4"" face shield, it WILL NOT meet NFPA Standards.

"What is the difference in the standard version 1010 and the deluxe version?"

You can find this on our web page for the 1010 helmets, just as it appears here below; Standard Configuration Includes: Flannel Cushion Liner Nomex Earlaps Silk Screened Maltese Cross Front Holder Deluxe Configuration Includes: Leather Cushion Liner PBI/Kevlar Earlaps 3-D Carved Brass Eagle 6"" Front Holder

"How well does the Defender Shield fit over glasses and does it need to be removed for structural firefighting?"

It will work over your glasses, might be a bit snug, i think you can adjust the helmet and it won't be as snug. as far as removing the Defender Shield you will lose the NFPA standard for structural firefighting. Why in the world would you want to do this? Also do you know what you would have to do to remove the defender, a helmet with out any eye protection will never meet the NFPA standards.

"what is the difference between the Cairns: 1010 and the cairns 1044?"

Cairns 1044: All the design features and proven performance of the popular Cairns 1010 traditional Cairns helmet on which it was based. But the Cairns 1044 sports a rugged matte finish that echoes the quiet confidence of experience. Like the glossy 1010, the newer 1044 offers the proven protection and exceptional durability of Cairns' DuraGlass fiberglass composite shell. The through-color composite resists chipping and cracking. And because its matte finish isn't painted, everyday nicks and scratches are harder to see.

"What size of heads does the 1010 accomodate?"

Unless you have a huge head that's bigger than normal the 1010 will fit, have never had anyone complain that it wouldn't fit, more so since they went to the ratchet system a few years back.

"what are materials are used for the outter and inner shells?"

Exclusive, Dura-Glas chip-resistant, throughcolor, high-performance, high-heat-resistant, compression-molded, fiberglass composite shell. High-temperature foam liner offers increased thermal and impact protection when combined with shell-release system. Cairns thermal impact caps meet all NFPA requirements for all condition tests. These tests include hot, cold, wet, and radiant test parameters. Cairns impact caps use water-based foam technology that performs well in heat and flame environments. A water-based foam impact cap will not ignite when exposed to heat.

"Will the Defender face shield be compatible with an SCBA mask underneath it?"

Zak, as long as your helmet is adjusted correctly, there should be no problems.

"what is the weight of this helmet?"

the 1010 and 1044 helmets weigh 56oz. each

"Do you give bulk buying prices. Im looking at 20 helmets"

Hi Scott. Yes, we do have bulk order discounts. Someone from our Bids and Quotes department will be in touch with you.

"for a leather shield would i need the holes punched through plastic or leather"

Tanner, I'm not sure what you are asking us, so I'll try and give you some pointers here number 1 the 1010 helmet comes with a bracket attached to the helmet for you to mount the front to, with the bracket, there should be two screws to use for attaching the front to the helmet. There is no need to ""punch"" holes through anything, you can take the bracket off of the helmet to use as a template to mark your holes.

"How would I have to setup this helmet to meet NFPA 2013 requirements?"

Hi Andre, first we would tell you to go to our web page, and select the NFPA box, then you can pick your options for eye protection, and the standard or the deluxe model. You will then have an NFPA compliment helmet, you will need to pick a color also.

"What is the difference between standard and deluxe configuration?"

Matt all of this is shown on our web page at the bottom: Standard Configuration Includes: -Flannel Cushion Liner, -Nomex Earlaps -Silk Screened Maltese Cross Front Holder Deluxe Configuration Includes: -Leather Cushion Liner -Flannel Crown Pad -PBI/Kevlar Earlaps -3-D Carved Brass Eagle 6"" Front Holder

"What color are the ear flaps for the Regular version and for the deluxe version?"

Joe, The Nomex ear flaps are Yellow, in the standard models and the PBI ear flaps are a Tan/Gold color in the deluxe models

"What is the key difference between the 1010 and the 1040. Also what makes the 1010 more expensive then the 1040"

The only difference in these two helmets is the color/finish to the helmet. The 1010 has a glossy finish and this is what makes it more expensive. The 1044 has a more matte finish to it that resists chips and scratches a little better.

"I am for South Africa and I need to purchase my own helmets and gear before I can even enter the academy. My question is, will you recommend this helmed 1010 as a structural fire & rescue helmet?"

We would recommend the 1010 as both a structural and rescue helmet. It will work very well for both applications.

"Good evening, I wanted to know if you ship to Italy and how much is the shipping cost for 1 or 2 helmets to Italy"

We do ship to Italy. To do so you can go through International Checkout. To get to International Checkout put the products you are looking for in your cart and then click ""Checkout Now"". Once there you will see where it says ""U.S. Checkout"". Right below that it says ""International Checkout"" click there and follow the procedures. It will give you the cost information.