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C&H Precision GLOCK MOS V4 Defender to Holosun 407C / 507C Round Face



V4 Adapter Plate for Holosun 407/507/508 V1 (Round Face)

Fits Glock MOS pistols.
    • MIL / LEO Plates are .095″ to .098″ thick
    • All plates are made from 6061 and are MIL-SPEC Type III Hard Anodized
    • All plates come standard with at least two recoil posts
    • All V4 plates come with replaceable Stainless Steel T-Posts
    • All V4 plates come with Torx head screws for maximum strength and retention
    • Polymer Plate with front Defender Window Frame that matches the front contour of the RDS
    • (2) 416 Stainless steel T-Posts
    • (2) Torx Head Screws
    • (2) M3 Screws
    • (2) Torx Bits T8 / T10
    • Single Use Pack of VibraTite VC-3

    What is the V4 Series of Adapter Plates and Why?
    The CHPWS V4 Series of adapter plates has evolved over the past five years because the OEM mounting plates are the weakest link in the Red Dot System.
    The new V4 Series address two specific areas in the Red Dot Mounting:
    Mounting Hardware
    Optic & Lens Protection
    All new V4 plates will feature C&H’s Patent Pending replaceable stainless steel T-Nuts and stainless steel Torx® head screws which are used to mount the RDS (Red Dot System) to the V4 plate giving you the ability to replace the mounting hardware without replacing the entire plate.
    The V4 Series retains it’s industry leading six to seven full revolutions of thread engagement for maximum retention.
    The second feature is their Patent Pending Defender Window. The V4 Defender series of plates is made from a Proprietary Impact Resistant Polymer and will feature a protective window frame in front of your RDS.
    This protective window feature serves several real-world purposes:
    • It protects the RDS from rugged use, abuse and frontal impacts in harsh conditions
    • It prevents the shooter from making contact with the lens during slide manipulation.
    • In short, it protects your optic and keeps your sweaty palms off the glass so you can stop using your sweater T-Shirt to clean your front lens. 

    The V4 defender is not indestructible, however, we do offer a replacement guarantee if you do damage or break it. 

    Common sense and responsible usage are required if you want this product to last.

    Note: C&H reserves the right to deny claims for replacement parts if claims are based on repeated intentional damage or involve malice.

    Defender plates partially wrap the top of the slide and do not fit large frame Glock pistols, I.E. G21 and all pistols of similar width.


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