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Bullard Traditional Fire Helmet Matte Finish, Black

$354.99 - $430.99
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Bullard introduces a whole new look in fire helmets.

Courage, self-sacrifice and tradition are the words that define firefighters. Now there is a traditional helmet that honors these values while offering the critical protection of modern materials. The new USTM Series traditional fire helmet sports a textured, matte finish giving it the rugged look of a leather helmet. No compromises. That's the hallmark of the new USTM.

The Bullard USTM features a Thermoglas® outer shell, urethane foam impact cap, brass eagle, 6-point crown strap, sure-lock ratchet headband with removable brow pad, nomex chin-strap with quick release buckle and postman slide, and a black nomex ear/neck protector.

USTM Advantages

  • Rugged, matte finish: The USTM's textured, non-glossy finish is the preference of the traditional firefighter.
  • Built Tough: The Thermoglas® outer shell sets the standard of unmatched durability.
  • Urethane Foam Impact Cap: Stable high-heat foam provides superior impact/penetration protection and heat insulation.
  • Brass Eagle: The patriotic Stars & Stripes Eagle is essential for a quality traditional helmet. Standard on all USTM models, the eagle accommodates every leather front on the market.
  • Outstanding Fit and Comfort: Engineered to be the most comfortable traditional helmet on the market, the Bullard USTM boasts innovative features such as a removable brow pad and crown cover. With 12 custom comfort settings, the USTM offers unrivaled versatility for customization of fit and comfort.

ReTrak Features:
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Easily accommodates eyewear
  • Increased area of protection
  • Comfort nosepiece
  • Quick removal for cleaning
  • Made in the USA
A sleek, low-profile, NFPA certified goggle designed to fit comfortably over most prescription glassesThe Innerzone Series of NFPA certified firefighting goggles is used by the world's most elite firefighting teams. This series is designed to withstand the rigors of structural firefighting, while offering the highest levels of protection and safey available. Certified by independent test labs to meet or exceed all the standards associated with NFPA 1971: 2013 Edition, including the 500°F 5-minute oven test. The Innerzone 2 goggle utilizes a patented Snap-On/Snap-Off strap and mounting system. This allows goggles to be stowed on front or rear of helmet, or quickly removed.


Bourke Eye Shield. Flip Down Eyeshields gives the helmet a real traditional look.
4”  Faceshield Visor. The R334 4" Hard-coated Polyaralate Faceshield and the appropriate mounting hardware and wing protectors offers a superior form of eye protection. Certified by independent test labs to meet or exceed all the standards associated with NFPA 1971: 2013 Edition.

Build your own Leather Front!

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Ratings & Reviews

12 reviews

Absolutely perfect!


Suprised my boyfriend for Christmas with this helmet! I got an email saying it was on back order and wouldn't be in for at least a month, but ended up getting it 5 days after purchase! The company is great to work with and sell only the finest and best quality products! Definitely recommend this helmet!



Great helmet. Feels very light. Very comfortable for long periods of time. Sits lower than a Cairns 1010 and is not as wide or long in the back. Only problem is the chinstrap mount on the top side of the brim takes over the prime spot to mount lights. One other note. The goggle mounts are not the same as in the picture. The real mounts are the ones under the brim like the ones on all the other helmet manufacturers.

I would buy this helmet over and over


hey I bought this helmet quite a while ago and I have had everything from ashes to floors falling on this helmet and it is still looking brand new. I love this helmet so much and I can't wait to get a new one when this one falls apart or is no longer to be able to be used in service.

No helmet better. Period.


This helmet is great. UI come from a volunteer company that averages 200 calls a year. Mostly structure fires. Anyhow we have some cairns 1010 and the Bullard ust. When you first get the helmet it sets around your head, which I like unlike the cairs 1010 which feels like it's setting on top of your head. But I played with the head band and you can make it feel like the 1010. This is a great helmet. Haven't gotten to use it in any fires yet (waiting for the shield) but I have worn it around the house and it feels great. But choose what's best for your melon because you only get one.

Bulard UST-6M


As Equipment officer for a small Fire Department we decided on another brand of helmet. I had 2 Firefighters with a very large heads and this was the only brand that would fit. The helmet color we got was matte yellow for firefighter and matte Black for engineer . The helmet color is a very light pastel yellow and the matte black is almost grey. Other than the flat color this helmet balance's well. The Bourkes are an off brand and are junk they don't flip down with one hand , the goggle mount is fantastic and needs to be this way on all helmets very low profile.

Great helmet, great value!


Purchased this helmet 4 years ago. Been through just about everything with quite a bit of interior firefighting. Even banged in head with falling 2x6, and it absorbed it like it was nothing. Very comfortable, quickly adjustable with or without SCBA. Very durable. All that for an unbeatable price. What more could you ask?

Great helmet I like it alot more than my old Morning Pride.


I wear this helmet at fires, car accidents, high angle rescues, and many other things and its simply the best the price is great its a tough helmet.

Great Choice!


Using this as a Memorial Helmet for the State Firefighters' Association!

i love my helmet


i use it for vol. firefighting and it works perfect

Great lightweight lid


I bought this helmet to replace my department issue one and instantly fell in love with it. its extremely light and sits well on my head when im wearing it. I honestly can't find anything bad with this helmet.


"For the Bullard Traditional Fire Helmet Matte Finish w/ESS Goggles-NFPA What is the model so i could know what shield to Buy"

Sorry this took so long, but I had some research to do for this question. If you have the helmet already you will need to look at the Eagle on the front where the ""Shield"" mounts. Bullard has (2) Eagles, (1) is a plain Eagle, and (1) has a Banner with Stars on it. if you have the plain Eagle you need to have the NOTCH style shield, the banner style the shield with out the notch. Hope this is of some help to you, again sorry for the delay.

"Hello, I need to know the shipping weight and size of the box."

6.5 lbs. 20""L X 15""W X 9.5""H

"dose it come with the FRONT HOLDER?"

Yes, the front holder is part of the brass eagle on the helmet, when you add the front you slip the top of the front under the eagle and screw the front on to the lower part of the eagle/bracket

"What head size does this go up to? Thanks"

6.5 to 8, are the size ranges, Bullard honestly has the largest head size compatible on the market

"what is the weight of this helment? is it lighter or heavier that the cairns ?"

56 Oz. same as a Cairns 1010,

"Does the helmet come with the shield that is shown in the picture?"

Molly, if you look at the web page you will see there are options listed there for you to pick from. The picture is showing the helmet with Flip Downs (by the way they don't meet NFPA standards) your other choices are Googles, and a 4"" face shield that are NFPA approved.


Because they do not make a Passport model for the UST6 Bullard helmet, why they don't do this was not given, just that they do not make it for the Bullard UST6 helmets. You may purchase direct from Bullard they offer it in 2 styles. 1st with the passport center top insert line and a bottom insert line or a passport center and a bottom line insert. In their catalog on page 51 there are the 2 illustrations of the fronts. Sorry this is all the help I can give you.

"Is it possible to order this helmet from your website with red-orange reflective striping? Bullard shows it as a no-cost option on their website."

Drew, place your order like normal, and state in there that you want RED-ORANGE REFLECTIVE TRIM, in place of the Lime Yellow that come stock on the helmet. Now also include with your order a note for the order person to come talk to me in our office if they have any questions to your order, include a email address or phone number that we can reach you at, if there is a problem. Thanks Butch

"What kind of leather shield do I need for this helmet?"

A 6 inch front

"Does it come with a leather front?"

David, you have to order that as a separate line item, you can do it from our web page

"I have a that light fits all helmets with the brightness that halogen bulbs generate"

You didn't ask anything? You need to send us your question.

"If I get this USTM6, Do I get a notched front badge or just regular 6""?"

You should use the 6"" front, no notch needed

"Is there a dealer in NH or Ma that I could go to so I can try this helmet on before I buy it. I know the weight and other specs but I really want to see how it fits before I buy it. Thank you"

Hi Sue, I'm sure there are several dealers in that area but we wouldn't know who they are, if you go to the E.D. Bullard web site I'm sure they can help you. You do know that these helmets all come with a ratchet system, and an adjustable head harness to help with how the helmet will sit on your head.

"what is the weight"

56 Oz. same as a Cairns 1010,

"I'm sure it's just a glitch, but why can't I order this in yellow with the ESS goggles and bourkes?"

Hi. You are right, it was a glitch. We fixed it. Thanks for the head's up.

"do i have to buy a shield"

Hi Mikey, by ref to shield you are asking about the frontice for the helmet the answer is yes, it is a separate line item. It is not part of the helmet.

"how tall, wide, and how far does the back of the helmet go?"

justin, helmet is about 9"" tall, 13"" across, and 17"" long, give or take an inch for each.

"if I order this helmet will a 6 inch front for a cairns 1044 fit? mainly the FDNY style that you have"

Travis,a 6 inch front will fit the USTM6 Bullard traditional helmet, the only trouble you might run into is with the screw holes not matching up, switching from the 1044 Cairns to this Bullard.

"What kind of Shield do i need for this helmet? E.X. Traditional 6"""

Christian, if you are asking about the front ID shield you need a 6 inch

"It does not give you the option to choose OSHA certification so does this mean it already meets those standards?"

Bullard does not have anything stating that their helmets are OSHA approved, we asked Bullard directly and that is what we were told. With the correct eye protection on their helmets they meet the NFPA structural 1971 standard 2013 edition.