Action Target PT Practice Target, IPSC Torso, 8"x12" Heavy Duty AR550 Steel



Action Target PT Practice Target, IPSC Torso, 8"x12" Heavy Duty AR550 Steel

Make steel target shooting easier than ever with the completely collapsible and incredibly portable PT Practice Stand.

The PT Practice Target was designed to get rid of frustrating traditional bulky steel targets that don't easily fit in cars. Action Target has created the perfect portable steel target system. The result is now one of the most popular steel targets ever made.

PT Practice Stand comes with a tripod stand that collapses down to less than 3' in length and seven target head options in both pistol-grade AR500 steel and rifle-grade AR550 steel. With the addition of two locking height positions (adjusted by rotating the target stand neck), you can adjust for various training scenarios and terrain. The PT Practice Stand is also available with 10 traditional cowboy action target head shapes.

  • Target head options: 6" circle, 8" circle, 10" circle, 12" circle, 8" x 12" rectangle, 40% IPSC torso, 6" x 11" IPSC a-zone
  • 3/8" AR500 steel: designed for standard handgun and .22 rimfire rounds at 10+ yards*
  • 3/8" AR550 steel: designed for standard rifle rounds with less than 3,000 fps muzzle velocity at 100+ yards*

NOTE: The target stand is made of mild steel and is not designed to withstand the force of a bullet.

*Learn more about steel hardness and target design by reading The Science Behind Steel Targets.


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