WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter

WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter

WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter

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WEATHERmeter via Bluetooth to your smart phone. Measures Wind Speed & Direction, Temperature, Humidity, Pressure & Dew Point, Heat Index, Wind Chill and more.

The Weatherflow WEATHERmeters are miniature yet highly accurate weather devices which measure wind, temperature, humidity and pressure. When paired with a growing number of compatible smartphone apps, Weatherflow meters provide unprecedented utility for wind sports, agriculture, boating, emergency management, golf and more.

Download one of Weatherflow’s free apps for iOS or Android and plug in your WEATHERMeter – it’s really that easy. Hold it up high facing into the wind. Your phone does the rest by recording the wind speed (average and gust), wind direction and location. Easily share onsite reports with WeatherFlow, Instagram, Vine, Twitter, SMS, Email, Facebook. And view all of this crowd-sourced weather in one of WeatherFlow's consumer applications.

The WEATHERmeter is designed to be better than any other handheld anemometer on the market. It’s operating range extends from the smallest puff (2 mph) to well over hurricane force winds (125 mph). Calibrated at the University of Florida’s Aerospace Engineering Department, Weatherflow’s WEATHERmeter is accurate to the larger of +/- 0.5% of the reading or 0.2 mph at up to 15° off-axis. That means even if you don’t hold it directly into the wind, you’ll still get very accurate wind speed information.

Not only is it one of the most accurate and coolest handheld wind meters on the market, it’s also one the most affordable. So what are you waiting for? Get one now!

Wind sport enthusiasts like sailors, kitesurfers, and paragliders live by the wind. With the WeatherFlow WIND & WEATHERmeters, it's simple to capture accurate real-time weather measurements and share them instantly. It's now possible to get up-to-the-minute conditions right from the starting line or beach.

Spray drift mitigation and chemical application compliance is critical for growers. The WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter is a simple and cost-effective way to capture location-specific real-time weather data and report the data instantly. A range of compatible mobile apps allow you to capture data, calculate variables such as Delta T, and log spray applications.

Weather conditions, especially site-specific wind, can make a huge impact on firefighting and emergency management response. With the WeatherFlow WEATHERmeter, emergency response professionals can now use the pocket-sized device to accurately measure weather conditions & instantly report back to central command.

Professional golfers realize the impact of localized wind conditions on their game. With the WeatherFlow WIND or WEATHERmeter and a compatible Golf GPS app, now anyone can gauge the wind and improve their game significantly.


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