8:12 Illumination

812 Illumination 400 Watt LED Light Balloon

812 Illumination 400 Watt LED Light Balloon

812 Illumination 400 Watt LED Light Balloon

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Light w/ Standard TripodLight w/ Upgraded TripodInverted (hanging)w/Machine Mount
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Low-watt, high-efficiency LED Light Balloon provides long lasting, energy saving lighting for mobile applications.

Cost-saving LED lighting that is easy to move and perfect for year-round use. 8:12 Illumination’s 200 and 400 Watt LED Light Balloons are so efficient, you get longer life with an impressively low amp draw. Plus, the compact, easy-to-move design makes setup simple, you save money, energy and time!

The 200W light pulls just 2.5 amps of power versus a 2000W Halogen light that pulls approximately 16 amps and is not as bright. With the ability to last upwards of 120,000 hours per light cell, plug into any 110W outlet and have instant restrike. The 400-Watt LED light balloon provides glare-free, non-blinding light for up to 25,000 sq. ft. and lasts up to 100,000 hours per light cell. The 400-Watt model pulls just 5 amps of power. All 8:12 Illumination light balloons feature a unique modular design for field replacement, not product replacement. This drastically cuts long-term costs and boosts productivity..
8:12 Illumination’s LED model is the most energy efficient and eco-friendly option on the market. They are the perfect option for year round and high mobility use. You also have the ability to power the LED off a small solar panel or battery pack for remote location lighting where generator power may not be available. The balloon design allows for extremely bright and directed LED cell’s to be filtered and diffused for soft light, which is safe for your eyes and safe to work around. 8:12 Illumination’s LED cell’s wattage to lumens output simply can’t be matched.

  • Weather resistant design including a waterproof, UV resistant and fire retardant balloon.
  • LED design can be powered by an inverter instead of a generator due to its low amp draw.
  • Two lights could run off one 1kw generator.
  • Can be attached to a small generator on a roll cart for easy mobility which is great for flagger stations or anywhere where diffused lighting needs to be mobile.
  • Wattage per lumen of light output can’t be matched by any other light on the market
  • Instant restrike, extremely mobile, and can be plugged into any 110 outlet
  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly
  • LED cells last on average 100,000 hours and upwards of 120,000
  • Because of the low amp draw, LED light balloons can easily be powered off a small solar panel or battery pack for remote locations where generators aren’t available or feasible
  • Balloon design allows for the extremely bright and directed LED cell’s light to be filtered and diffused so that it is easy on the eyes and safe to work around
  • Ideal for year-round use, even in extreme conditions
  • Available:
    • Light with standard 10' tripod
    • Light with upgraded 14' tripod and handcrank
    • Light with machine mount
    • Inverted (hanging) light
The tripod is solidly constructed of steel, aluminum and fiberglass with the best quality materials. The standard tripod extends 10 feet off the ground and has a footprint of 50’’ x 50’’. The optional tripod extends 14 feet. It is built to withstand the daily abuse of work sites as the fiberglass mast is electrically non-conductive and is manufactured to resist harmful UV rays. It is also designed to withstand high winds through hundreds of strands of fibers which are created in such a way that flexes but does not easily break. Wiring the tripod down at all times while outside is recommended.

The machine mount has been designed to be exceedingly versatile by allowing it to be mounted several different ways. It can be mounted to the deck of any piece of equipment with a footprint of only 6’’ x 12’’. It can also be mounted to the side of any piece of machinery as long as there is a flat surface at least 10’’ wide. The mount comes with a telescoping 13' mast.

Lighting/Electrical Data:
  200 Watt LED 400 Watt LED
Maximum Lighted Area 14,000 ft2 14,000 ft2
Maximum Lumens 24,000 48,000
Color Temperature 5,000 Kelvin 5,000 Kelvin
Type of Cells LED LED
Number of Cells 4 x 50 watt 8 x 50 watt
Maximum Power 200 watt 400 watt
Average Lamp Life 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
Voltage Available 110V/220V 110V/220V
Amp Pull 2.5 5

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