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PhaZZer Dart Pro Cartridge

PhaZZer Dart Pro Cartridge

PhaZZer Dart Pro Cartridge

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15 foot long wires, yellow blast doors21 foot long wires, lime green blast doors25 foot long wires, brown blast doors
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PhaZZer’s Dart Pro Ammunition Cartridges are non-lethal loads that enable all PhaZZer Conducted Energy Weapons to deliver ranged electric shocks.

The Dart Pro Cartridge uses a compression nitrogen propulsion system to fire barbed darts that will attach to an attacker and deliver a powerful electric shock that will deter or neutralize them non-lethally.

The Dart Pro Cartridge is available in three variations based on effective firing range: the cartridge with the yellow blast doors can fire a dart up to 15 feet away, the cartridge with lime green blast doors up to 20 feet, and the cartridge with the brown blast doors up to 25 feet.

Compatible with the PhaZZer Dragon®, Enforcer®, and Hornet® as well as the Taser X26® and M26®, the PhaZZer Dart Pro Cartridge provides PhaZZer’s and Taser’s conducted energy weapons with another effective method for handling potentially dangerous situations non-lethally.

  • Dart material: Electroplated iron upper, electroplated aluminum lower
  • Dart shape: 1/2 inch barbed pin
  • Dart length: 49mm
  • Cartridge weight: 2.7 grams
  • Cartridge uses a compressed nitrogen propulsion system to fire darts
  • Compatible with PhaZZer’s Dragon®, Enforcer®, and Hornet®, as well as Taser’s X26® and M26® electronic control devices
  • Available in 15-foot, 21-foot, and 25-foot range capacities
  • Features a full five-year replacement warranty

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