ASP Envoy T60 Scabbard

ASP Envoy T60 Scabbard

ASP Envoy T60 Scabbard

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ASP's Envoy T60 Scabbard provides effective protection, easy transportation, and efficient transportation of the ASP Talon Baton.

Any baton scabbard must define a compromise between security and speed of presentation. It must provide a level of protection without compromising access or hindering rapid deployment. ASP's Envoy T60 Scabbard securely retains a retracted Talon Baton and provides a firm grip on the baton during transport. The Envoy Scabbard can be attached to a duty belt for ease of carrying. The scabbard can swivel to one of seven distinct positions to best fit the needs of each situation you encounter, through it will not rotate beyond horizontal or compromise the security of the baton. During dynamic confrontations, the Envoy Scabbard enables you to rapidly present your Talon Baton. Under the most severe tactical conditions, ASP's Envoy T60 Scabbard has no equal.

  • Securely retains and provides a fir grip on a retracted Talon Baton
  • Can be attached to a duty belt for easy of carrying
  • Swivels to one of seven distinct positions to offer optimal protection and ease of access
  • Enables you to rapidly present your Talon Baton during dynamic confrontations

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