MSA Supreme Pro Headset, High Noise Communications System

MSA Supreme Pro Headset, High Noise Communications System

MSA Supreme Pro Headset, High Noise Communications System

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Affordable, reliable communication designed to integrate with your day to day activities.

  • Hands-free monitoring
  • Functional with gloved hands
  • Two-way communication
  • Folding Headband or Neckband Model
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use
The Supreme Pro Communication System is a hearing protection system featuring performance-rich communication combined with user situational awareness in a lightweight headset. It integrates with ballistic helmets providing unobtrusive communications and hearing protection in areas of loud impulsive sounds, such as areas where weapons may be fired. The system protects your hearing while enabling clear radio communications. Cup-mounted microphones enhance user situational awareness, allowing the user to hear ambient sounds within the environment while protecting your hearing. The communication system is used as either as a standalone headset or with MSA’s ForceField ACH, Millennium CBRN Gas Mask and eyewear. This noise canceling boom microphone-based system interfaces with various police radio transceivers and intercom systems. Whether you face routine patrol, civil unrest, drug lab raids, or even terrorist threats, you can trust MSA for your personal protection.

Features and Benefits
  • Hands-free monitoring
  • Functional with gloved hands
  • Connects to communication radios via MSA’s Supreme PTT
  • Two-way communication with minimal background noise interference
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use
  • Superior hearing protection and amplification
Supreme Pro Communication System Components
High-noise headset with a boom microphone and a Nexus quick-disconnect cable down lead. The headset provides hearing protection with a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 21 dB for the Headband model and 19dB for the Neckband model. Both headsets and are ideal for use and is ideal for use in areas where weapons may be fired.

Both the Headband and Neckband Headsets allow for the attachment of the acoustic electronics and communication without a helmet.
Miniature microphones are located within the front side of each ear cup/muff to pick up sounds in the wearer’s ambient environment, relaying the sound into speakers housed within each ear cup/muff for reception by the wearer. This feature amplifies faint or low level sounds in the wearer’s environments while harmful sounds such as gunfire and loud background noises are efficiently filtered out. The internal microphones are well-shielded for optimum stereo effect and location of sound direction. A boom microphone is mounted onto the left or right ear cup/muff and features an electret element, with noise canceling or right characteristics, for optimal voice transmission.

The headset features an ambient environment ‘listening system’ providing natural sound reproduction without the traditional ‘chopping’ or ‘cutting off’ of voice or other environmental sounds or noises (aka sound compression). Additionally, in order to protect the wearer’s hearing and prevent harmful noise levels from being received within the cups/muffs, each speaker’s output will be limited to 82dB.

The ear cups/muffs are designed to allow use of long weapons by both left and right handed shooters. The ear cups/muffs are to be either a steel encased plastic headband vertical frame which can folded for ease of storage when not in use or a steel wire tensioning neckband system with a mesh hairnet to support the headset’s weight.

The headset features a keypad located on the side of the left cup/muff. The keypad will act as an operator control system to activate and deactivate the headset’s power as well as increase and decrease the volume of the headset reception levels (5 individual settings). The keypad electronics includes a circuitry design featuring memory thus saving the volume settings used by the wearer previous to the most recent powering down of the headset. In order to operate the headset’s electronics, the headset draws current from two alkaline AAA batteries. Battery life will average 600 hours of use. To alert the wearer of impending battery demise, a warning signal will activate within the ear cups periodically beginning with an estimated 40 hours of battery life remaining.

The headset features a circuit designed to automatically shut the headset off following a 4 hour period of non-use.
  • Waterproof battery compartment
  • Folding Headband or Neckband
  • Stereo Sound Quality
  • 82 dB Sound Level Limit
  • Noise Canceling Electret Boom Microphone
  • Black Cup Color
  • Ambient Environment Amplification
  • Adjustable Receive Volume
  • Receive Volume Memory
  • Auto Shut Off Following 4 Hour Non-Use
  • Two AAA Alkaline Batteries Average 600 Hour Life
  • Push to Talk Assembly Available
  • Remote Finger Switch Available
Supreme PTT (push-to-talk) communication box with connecting cable offers radio interface capabilities.

  • Emergency task forces
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • State and local police
  • Sheriffs’ Deputies

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