B-Lit Multi-Use Hands Free Flashlight Holder

B-Lit Multi-Use Hands Free Flashlight Holder

B-Lit Multi-Use Hands Free Flashlight Holder

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Made In USA

The B-Lit Flashlight Holder is the hands-free flashlight solution for pretty much any situation.

The B-Lit Multi-Use Hands Free Flashlight Holder works with flashlights between .5 to .9 inches in diameter; it will fit in one of the two light mounts. Basically, if your light takes AA or AAA batteries in a single line, it will fit in the B-Lit. Many flashlights that use lithium batteries also work well with the B Lit. The B Lit is made from a proprietary material that is very strong, yet also very flexible, so it will flex and adjust to your flashlight. Hang the B-Lit Flashlight Holder in your tent or from a wire in your hasement, stick it to metal things, stand it on flat stuff, or clip it to clip-able things to set your flashlight (and hands) free!

  • Hands free lighting with innovative angle control
  • Excellent for indoor and outdoor use
  • Made in the USA
  • Holds most mini and small flashlights
  • Super strong N52 Neodymium Magnets
  • Hangs on countless objects
  • Stands on level surfaces
  • Clips on objects and apparel

How to Use Your B-Lit Flashlight Holder

HANG IT from things! A stainless steel hook lets you control the angle of your light depending on how you position the flashlight in the clip. This changes the center of gravity, therefore changing the angle of where the light points. The hook can only be inserted/removed from the hanging position when completely perpendicular to the B-Lit and locks into place when in use. The B-Lit hangs on countless objects (think tree branches, wires in your basement, tents, etc.) and when not being used, the hook stores conveniently in the magnet pack accessory!

STICK IT to metal things! Super Strong N52 Neodymium Magnets lets the B-Lit stick to virtually any metal surface. You might be surprised how strong the magnets are, so use common sense as needed with any strong magnet. To remove the magnet pack accessory, simply use a thumb and forefinger and push on the end to slide it off the track.

CLIP IT to clip-able things! The B-Lit can be clipped to an endless array of objects and apparel. Use as a headlamp when clipped onto a hat, visor, or winter cap. Simply make sure you push your B-Lit ALL the way onto the brim of your hat to ensure proper grip. Clip it to your waistband or belt while running or bicycling at night. Use two lights facing opposite directions so you are seen from both the front and back for added safety.

STAND IT on flat stuff! Balance the B-Lit on any flat, relatively level surface by using the magnets to hold your flashlight. Since most batteries are magnetic, you can stand almost any flashlight! Control the angle where the light shines by changing the surface contact points of the B-Lit and the position of your flashlight.

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