Simulaids Bariatric Rescue Suit

Simulaids Bariatric Rescue Suit

Simulaids Bariatric Rescue Suit

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Bariatric patients are becoming more common and so is the need for quality training products.

A physician participated in a difficult house extrication of a rather large patient which prompted them to contact Simulaids to develop a means to help rescuers be better prepared.
As Simulaids researched the request it became evident that standard patient handling techniques were not suitable for the extrication of morbidly obese patients. The physical limitations of the buildings in which some of these patients reside also required special consideration.
The Bariatric Rescue Manikin Suit replicates the weight and the movement in body tissue associated with morbidly obese patients. Simulating a training scenario involving bariatric removal and transport is made possible by an “exo-suit”.  The “suit” allows the trainer to add up to 440 lbs. of water which places real weight and challenges into the training.
When the exercise is complete, the water can be simply drained away thus making the manikin more “portable.” In its dehydrated version, the manikin can be easily transported between locations.
The Bariatric Suit fits only the Regular Rescue Randy original 5 ft. 5", bald manikins.
For manikin use only; DO NOT utilize this suit with a human subject.

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