Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights, for Colt Government 1911 Pistols

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights, for Colt Government 1911 Pistols

Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights, for Colt Government 1911 Pistols

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Fits Colt Government, Colt Government narrow tang, Colt Officers, Colt Combat Commander, and most 1911s made by other manufacturers.

The Any-Light Life Savers. For professional use, competition, or home defense, the tritium-filled lamps in Trijicon® Bright & Tough™ Night Sights provide a clear sight picture, and a distinctive advantage, in any light.

Trijicon self-luminous iron sights are proven to give shooters five times greater night fire accuracy than conventional sights—with all the speed of instinctive shooting, and without the need for batteries. Plus because Trijicon night sights feature white outlines around the glowing dots, they appear as standard white dot sights in the daytime, for superior daylight visibility.

Tougher by design. Trijicon’s patented shock-resistant design has been proven over two decades of difficult duty. Only Trijicon night sights use tritium lamps protected by aluminum sleeves, super-hard synthetic sapphire windows, and silicone cushioning. They’re designed to stand up to years of heavy recoil and harsh organic cleaning solvents, even under daily professional use. Plus they’re backed by Trijicon’s Lifetime Warranty on the sight bodies and full 12-year warranty on the green tritium lamps*.

The first choice. It’s no wonder Trijicon Bright & Tough night sights are the preferred choice of many major handgun manufacturers and standard issue with hundreds of municipal and county law enforcement agencies, numerous state police departments, and several Federal agencies.


  • Extra-Large Front Dot provides a bright, distinctive sight picture.
  • White Rings around the glowing dots provide unsurpassed visibility in daylight.
  • Silicone Rubber Cushions give additional shock protection to the tritium filled glass lamp within its aluminum housing.
  • Polished Sapphire Jewels are precisely fitted inside the aluminum cylinders to evenly distribute the light from the tritium lamps and provide rock-solid protection from puncture and solvents.
  • Glass Lamps filled with pressurized tritium gas which glow bright green in low light.
  • Protective Aluminum Cylinders contain and protect the tritium gas filled lamps from heavy recoil and harsh cleaning solvents.
  • Metal Sight Bodies are manufactured for specific handgun makes and models.
  • The Brightest Green Tritium is the standard color for all Trijicon Bright & Tough Night Sights.
  • Assembled in the U.S.A.
  • CA01 - Fits Colt Govt., 1911, Combat Elite, Delta Elite models made after 1988; stake-in front Para Ordnance P10 and P14 (excluding Limited versions). Large staking tang (.125)
  • CA02 - Fits Colt Govt. 0.55 Narrow Tang, 1911, Combat Elite and Delta Elite models made in 1988 or before
  • CA09 - Fits Colt Officers, Officers ACP, Compact 1991A1 (.45) and stake-in front Para Ordnance P12 (excluding Limited version)
  • CA10 -Fits Colt Combat Commander and stake-in front Para Ordnance P13 (excluding Limited version)

Pistols - Use CA01 for 1911 pistols made after 1988; CA02 for pistols made before 1988. CA01 and CA02 fit the Combat Elite and Delta Elite. These sights will also fit most 1911s made by other manufacturers. NOTE: Replacement of Government Model, Combat Elite, Delta Elite, Officers ACP and Combat Commander fixed sights require use of Trijicon staking tool by a professional gunsmith. Use of other staking tools will destroy the sights.

* WARRANTY NOTE: *Professional installation by a Trijicon-approved gunsmith is required in order to obtain the twelve-year warranty against lamp failure. Non-warranty lamps can be replaced by Trijicon for a nominal fee.

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