Stinger Spike System

Stinger Spike System Tire Deflation Device

Stinger Spike System Tire Deflation Device

Stinger Spike System Tire Deflation Device

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The safest way to end a high speed chase…and stop a fleeing vehicle.

Stinger deploys in seconds, safely deflates tires of all kinds—to bring a potentially dangerous pursuit to a stop.
The Stinger Spike System employs high-strength, hollow steel spikes that will easily penetrate all sizes and types of tires, including self-sealing tires and run-flats. The system is easily deployed with a quick toss, or a timely pull on its 40 ft. cord to manually extend it across the roadway into the suspect vehicle’s path.

The Stinger’s patented design plants its hollow, 2-inch long spikes squarely and fully into the tire, allowing air to escape at a controlled rate without causing a blowout or sudden loss of control. Deflation typically takes from 12 to 20 seconds, slowing the vehicle, and letting the perpetrator make a controlled stop. The Stinger spikes and patented mechanism are effective on all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, and buses; even tractors and military-type vehicles.
  • Compact, lightweight, reusable system is easy to transport—and always ready for fast deployment
  • Hollow steel spikes deflate all kinds of tires at a controlled rate for a safer, more effective stop.
  • Patented rock-and-tilt technology plants the 2” spikes squarely into all size car, truck, and bus tires
  • Three different system lengths to match the roads in your jurisdiction
  • Free Lifetime Spike Replacement*

The right length to meet your needs. 

Standard STINGER SPIKE SYSTEMS are available in three different lengths to handle a variety of situations.

  • 10 foot Metro: Perfect for narrower urban streets and small country roads.
  • 15.5 foot Trooper: Wide enough for multi-lane roads.
  • 25 foot Defender: Covers applications such as interstate highways, airport entry gates, military compounds, and security checkpoints

A safer, friendlier, and far more cost-effective way to deal with the problems of high-speed pursuit. According to U.S. Department of Justice statistics, a majority of the country’s largest police and sheriff departments are enacting restrictive pursuit driving policies in order to reduce the injuries and property damage associated with high-speed chases.

With Action News choppers always ready to pounce on a pursuit, and so-called “reality” Cop Shows presenting the excitement from the officer’s POV, the public is well aware that the dangers are very real. The injured parties are often innocent. And our increasingly litigious society is willing to place liability wherever it pays. Perps don’t pay. And we, who serve, can’t afford to.

The STINGER SPIKE SYSTEM® gives law enforcement officers an effective tool to control those situations. It can stop fleeing vehicles effectively, reliably, safely—and comply with new, more restrictive pursuit policies. When a safe stop can potentially save millions in legal costs, and so much more in damaged lives, equipping your department with Stinger Spike Systems is a small investment that can pay off big…in many, many ways.

Safe, simple, and tough enough to drive a truck over.
The STINGER is designed for fast, dependable operation. Its all-mechanical design makes the system easy to deploy and repack for the next time it’s needed. A quick toss, or a timely pull on the handle, is all it takes to position the spikes. The simple, accordion-action base deploys almost instantly, giving officers time to take cover. Extra-width road coverage and low visibility minimize avoidance by fleeing suspects. After the spiked vehicle is clear of the unit, a yank on the handle attached to its 40 ft. cord, quickly retracts the Stinger, clearing the road for pursuit vehicles and other traffic as the punctured tires on the suspect vehicle start to deflate. No un-seated spikes or dangerous debris are left behind.

Rock and Tilt—engineered for effective penetration.
The Stinger Spike System uses patented technology to ensure effective penetration in virtually any size and type of tire; and on vehicles approaching from either direction. A typical chase intervention flattens one to four tires, each picking up 4-6 spikes and deflating in 12-20 seconds. Even vehicles traveling at very high speed can be safely slowed and stopped in minutes. No dangerous debris is left behind after the system is pulled clear.

A portable, pre-assembled, re-usable system—with replacement spikes supplied FREE.
Replaceable Spikes: Stinger Spike Systems can be easily readied for re-use simply by replacing the pulled spikes. Each unit includes extra spikes and safety guards, plus a spike insertion tool. When Stinger systems are deployed in the line of duty, Federal Signal provides replacement spikes at no charge. Simply call 1-800-STINGER for a free spike replacement certificate.

Tough, reusable modular base. Molded sections are built of high-strength, resilient synthetic polymer which stands up to hard use under the harshest conditions. Connecting hardware is stainless steel for long life. The base is designed to endure many pursuits, and has withstood impacts in excess of 130mph. If, however, a unit is damaged, individual sections and hardware are easily replaceable.

One System. Three Sizes. Two ways to Deploy.

Curbside Deployment:
Pick up unit by rocker arms, not sides. Bend over, holding unit about ankle height. With swinging motion, slide unit across roadway. Pull rope to position unit. Take cover, unwinding rope on the way. Drop rope. After unit is run over, retrieve system by pulling rope handle.

Pull Method:
Place unit on roadside with rope side facing road. Unwrap several turns of rope from spool. With one hand holding rope, drop spool. Carefully cross lanes of traffic, allowing rope to unwind from spool. Make sure rope lies flat on pavement. When suspect car arrives, pull unit across road. Drop rope once unit is in position. After the spike system is run over, retrieve system by pulling rope handle.

Technical Specs:

  • Dimensions folded: 18" H x 20" L x 3' 3" D
  • Spike material: 304-T7 stainless steel for superior strength and effective tire penetration.
  • Spike Length: 2.1"
  • Ship Weight: 15 lbs
  • Replacement Spikes: 10
  • Rubber Spike Covers: 10

This device is only for use by trained law enforcement officers. Spikes are extremely sharp and should remain covered with tip guards. Always handle spike systems with care. When deploying by "pull" method align unit and rope slightly past right angle to road to keep rope taut. Hold rope by spool handle only. Do not hold rope in hand or wrap around wrist or hand while unit is run over. Serious injury could result in the event system gets caught up with vehicle. High speed vehicles may toss road debris. Wear safety glasses to protect eyes. Pick up any spilled spikes. If stepped on they can roll and could cause falls.

Special discounts may apply for high volume sales. Contact our Bids & Quotes department for more information.

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    We have a unit that was not in use due to lack of replacement spikes. Where can I obtain some replacements spikes, approx. 40-50 units. THanks
    Asked on 4/9/2015 by Sgt Duarte from Douglas Arizona

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      When Stinger systems are deployed in the line of duty, Federal Signal provides replacement spikes at no charge. Simply call 1-800-STINGER for a free spike replacement certificate.

      Answered on 4/13/2015 by Mac
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