Safariland Model 38 OC Spray Pouch for Tactical Leg Shroud

Safariland Model 38 OC Spray Pouch for Tactical Leg Shroud

Safariland Model 38 OC Spray Pouch for Tactical Leg Shroud

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Safariland Tactical Modular Leg Shroud and Harness System

More comfortable. More stable. More accessible. And infinitely more versatile.
Safariland’s advanced leg shroud and harness is a modular system that enables you to comfortably carry your weapon and exactly the accessories you want—right at your fingertips; ready for action.

More than just magazine cases, the Tactical Leg Shroud and Harness System offers a variety of specialized carriers for flash bangs, folding knives, expandable batons, OC sprays, impact rounds, and other tactical munitions. MOLLE system adapters and accessory plates give you virtually unlimited options. If you need to carry more, you can even add a second carrier for your opposite leg, including a specialized lower-profile leg shroud with a Taser EDW holster and spare cartridge pouches designed primarily for weak-side carry.
  • Top flap for added security
  • Snap closure
  • Mounts Directly onto Tactical Leg Shroud
  • Mounts on MOLLE or snap grid with correct accessory plates
Diversify your Tactical Rig with 
Safariland Tactical Leg Shrouds and Accessories.
  1. Tactical Leg Shrouds- A variety of replacement or add-on platforms with one leg strap or two, carry a full range of holsters and accessory pouches.
  2. Taser EDW Holster Shroud and Accessories- A special lower-profile leg shroud designed primarily for EDW units and spare cartridges. Also makes an excellent lightweight platform for munitions and a wide variety of accessories.
  3. Leg Strap Assemblies- Replacement or conversion support straps with and without quick-release buckles. Convert a 6004 platform to a 6005 by replacing the standard leg strap with a quick release model.
  4. Detachable 3X Locking Buckle- Order the quick-release buckle and upper belt strap separately for quick change of platforms and accessories without the need to remove a duty or operators belt. Allows fast customization of gear and easy sharing of tactical platforms among team members.
  5. Mag Pouches- Single and double holders for most popular tactical handgun and rifle magazines.
  6. OC Spray Pouches- Aerosol cases designed to hold the most commonly used carriers.
  7. Impact Round and Distraction Device Holders- Open and closed top cases specifically designed for a wide range of less lethal munitions.
  8. MOLLE System Adapters- A variety of adapter plates made in sizes and configurations to allow secure, convenient attachment of Safariland holsters and accessories to any MOLLE System equipped tactical and military gear.
  9. Snap Grid Assembly Plate- Reinforced nylon grid plate to mount Safariland accessories to a snap grid tactical vest.
  10. Munitions Butt Stock Caddy- Carry 37/40mm impact rounds or 12 gauge shells where they are most convenient. Elastic straps for many weapons.
All SAFARILAND® Duty Gear is designed to protect your investment with outstanding durability and appearance year-in and year-out.
Size 1 Dimensions: 1.375" (diameter) x 4" (high). Fits Guardian 2 oz., Freeze 2 oz., and Punch II M-3 2 oz. canisters.
Size 2 Dimensions: 1.375" (diameter) x 5" (high). Fits Guardian 2 oz. and 3 oz., Defense Tecnology/ Federal Laboratories MK6 .68 oz., Freeze 2 oz., canisters, 43223-BGLE 10 Fogger 3.0 oz., 4223-BG Fogger, 3.0 oz., 43245- BGLE 10 QT Stream 3.0 oz., 43244-B
Size 3 Dimensions: 1.5" (diameter) x 4"-4.5" (high). Fits Defense Tecnology/ Federal Laboratories MK3 1.47 oz., and 2 oz. canisters MSI MKIII oc/cs 2 oz., Pepper Mace MKIII 5.5% 2 oz. canisters, 43345-BGLE10 QT Stream `1.5 oz., 43344-BGLE10 QT Cone 1.5 oz
Size 4 First Defense MK-13 Magnum
Size 5 Impact 1006 40mm
Size 6 Dimensions: 1.5" (diameter) x 5.5"-6.5" (high). Fits Guardian 4 oz., Defense Technologies/Federal Laboratories, Freeze 4 oz., and Punch II M-4 4 oz. canisters, 43423-BGLE10, Fogger 4.0 oz., 42423-BG Fogger 4.0 oz., 43435-BGLE10 CT Stream 4.0 oz., 4

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