Monadnock Practice Suit

Monadnock Practice Suit

Monadnock Practice Suit

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Proper training with the right tools makes all the difference. Like so many practical training aids, it can help build confidence and significantly enrich learning during practice exercises. The Monadnock Practice Suit can be used during dynamic or scenario training to increase baton skills and reduce the risk of injury.

When it comes to use of force training, safety, and protection, this suit will be your invaluable learning partner. The innovative design makes it easy to get in and out of it. In fact, it takes less than two minutes to step into the suit, which includes one-piece head gear, one-piece body and arm jacket, one-piece body pants, gloves with wrist guards, and groin protector. The entire suit fits into a convenient travel bag.

What makes this suit exclusively Monadnock's and uniquely effective is the color code. The colors of the suit are designed to compliment Monadnock's training practices and concepts. The colors red, yellow, and green mimic the Monadnock Escalation Trauma Chart. Striking a subject in the green areas will result in minimal level of resultant trauma, while the yellow and red areas represent moderate and high levels of trauma. Thus, the suit will help to guide your use of force judgement. This training suit features a breathable liner and cleans easily with just soap and water.

The Monadnock Practice Suit includes:

  • One-Piece Head Gear
  • One-Piece Body & Arm Jacket
  • One-Piece Body Pants
  • Pair of Gloves with Wrist Guards
  • Groin Protector
  • MPS Travel Bag

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