Monadnock PR-24 Control Device Expandable Baton

Monadnock PR-24 Control Device Expandable Baton

Monadnock PR-24 Control Device Expandable Baton

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In law enforcement, there's no room for second-guessing. You've got to have that same confidence in your equipment. That's why more agencies choose PR-24 Control batons, the most field-tested batons ever made.

The PR-24 Control baton is combat-ready with a flick of your wrist. This positive locking baton design is specially utilized for close-quarter confrontations and affords the greatest protection when effective blocking techniques are employed. Plus, it provides the greatest protection for your firearm hand. The Trumbull Stop handle keeps the baton in your hand and increases baton retention and subject control holds. Designed for offensive and defensive capabilities.

Most officers are aware of just how important baton retention can be in the field. It reduces the number of unnecessary injuries, keeps your baton out of the hands of violent subjects, and enhances the performance of your baton during both striking and restraint techniques. The side handle of the PR-24 helps you retain your baton in a struggle. Batons of lesser quality and design may be more easily wrestled away and used against you.

Smaller dimensions and a lower profile make this 21" Control Device baton convenient to wear and easier to conceal. The 1" diameter gives the baton greater penetration during restraining moves. This two-stage positive lock baton has a short handle with Trumbull Stop fastened to an aluminum frame. Black anodized finish with SuperGrip.

PR-24 Specifications:

General Description
Two-stage positive lock baton with a short handle with Trumbull Stop fastened to an aluminum frame, which has a black anodized finish, with a SuperGrip™ integrated into the frame. An expanding reinforced epoxy shaft has a weight forward design to produce an enhanced follow through momentum.
Shaft Locking Mechanism
Pin and Spring locking action provides the revolutionary mechanism for locking the solid reinforced epoxy shaft in place
Shaft Unlocking Mechanism
Exposed Pin is pushed down to allow the shaft to unlock and retract back into the fame
Shaft Material
Solid 7075-T6 aluminum reinforced epoxy shaft 3/4 inch (1.91 cm) outside diameter
Brinell 150
Tensile Strength
83,000 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)
1 inch
Closed Length
12.5 inches
Expanded Length
21 inches
16 ounces

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