Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20mm MR/T Riflescope, Illuminated Reticle

Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20mm MR/T Riflescope, Illuminated Reticle

Leupold Mark 4 1.5-5x20mm MR/T Riflescope, Illuminated Reticle

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An Illuminated Reticle makes Leupold’s finest close- to medium-range tactical scope even faster.
  • Wide field of view, spot-on accuracy at intermediate-ranges, and quick target acquisition in any light.
  • Illuminated Special Purpose Reticle is ideal in close-up tactical situations, also provides accurate long-range estimation for hunters and target shooters.
  • New 3rd Generation Illumination—15% brighter, Night Vision compatible, with 8 intensity settings for all lighting conditions
  • Xtended Twilight Lens System™ optimizes transmission of low-light wavelengths for superior resolution and brightness under all lighting conditions.
  • ½-MOA click windage & elevation adjustment; extra large 120-MOA adjustable range.
  • Engraved Bullet Drop Compensation dial pre-calibrated for .223 Rem./5.56mm NATO
  • Extremely rugged 30mm Maintube fits standard Mil-Spec rings and mounts for any compatible rifle

Mark 4® MR/T® Riflescopes. Made like someone’s life depends on it. Because it does.
Leupold® builds these exceptional scopes to a higher standard. With the dust literally still settling 
from 9.11, the USMC knew it was about to face a different kind of fight. It needed a different 
kind of optic. Within 60 days, the MR/T was rolling off the line at Leupold, ready to deploy.

Mark 4® MR/T® 1.5-5x20mm—Intermediate range precision with or without the optional Illumination. Mil Dot or Tactical Milling Reticles make this versatile scope unsurpassed for close- to mid-range shooting in any light, with an AR15/M16 style rifle—or practically any .223 platform. Incredibly rugged 30mm Maintube offers a greater range of windage and elevation adjustment. Plus it fits standard Mil-Spec rings and mounts for any compatible rifle.

Precision Mid-Range Tactical Riflescopes. For everything from 50 to 700 meters. Every Leupold® Mark 4® MR/T® riflescope is a robust optical tool for close- to medium-range shooting applications. With their incredible accuracy, impeccable optical quality, outstanding ruggedness, and absolute waterproof integrity, these are the scopes you can count on to help get the job done, even under the worst conditions. Match a Mark 4® MR/T® up with your AR style firearm, FAL, G3, SCAR-H, M-14, or bolt-action rifle for a serious boost in magnification and accuracy for the most demanding military and law enforcement operations. And the applications don’t end there. Hunters and serious competitive shooters firing the Remington 700, Winchester Model 70, Ruger 77, and Savage 110, among other popular rifles, have come to rely on the MR/T as well.

Leupold Mark 4™ Riflescopes are offered in a wide range of configurations, with both sporting and Mil Spec reticle options, including models with laser engraved 55-grain 5.56 BDC dials and illuminated reticles. These superb quality scopes are tested to the highest standards—to deliver unsurpassed performance, durability, and optical precision—and backed by Leupold’s Full Lifetime Guarantee.


  • Illuminated Special Purpose Reticle: Night-vision compatible internally lighted optic ensures precision shot placement under the worst light conditions. For instinctive close-range engagements at low magnification. Or estimate distances and engage targets at longer ranges, with greater precision than generally possible with other reticle styles; making it an excellent choice for hunters and target shooters.
  • New, 3rd-generation illumination will keep you on target like never before. Leupold boosted performance with a 15% brighter reticle, 8 different intensity settings, an innovative motion sensor, and a user-friendly redesigned interface.
  • The Xtended Twilight Lens System™ optimizes the transmission of low-light wavelengths; delivering superior resolution across the visual field so you see the details of low-light scenes in greater, brighter detail than with any other riflescope available.
  • Precision Windage & Elevation Adjustment » Tall, finger-adjustable ¼-MOA windage and elevation adjustment with audible, tactile clicks. 65-MOA adjustable range.
  • Laser engraved adjustment knobs and dials utilize durable, dependable wear- and corrosion-proof parts. A precision anti-backlash mechanism and dual erector springs provide positive adjustment under the harshest conditions. A revolution counter helps assure a correct reading. Adjustment knobs can be accurately zeroed once sighted in.
  • Large power selector dial has a tactile power indicator and aggressive knurling to provide a sure grip in all conditions.
  • Lockable fast-focus eyepiece gets you on target in a flash; keeps your focus set until you decide to change it.
  • Engraved Bullet Drop Compensation utilize durable, dependable wear- and corrosion-proof parts. A precision anti-backlash mechanism and dual erector springs provide positive adjustment under the harshest conditions. A revolution counter helps assure a correct reading.
  • Engraved Bullet Drop Compensation dial pre-calibrated for .223 Rem./5.56mm NATO
  • Rugged, Absolutely Waterproof Construction » Guaranteed 100% waterproof, dust-proof, fog proof. Designed to withstand the rigors of the modern battlefield. MR/T riflescopes meet all Leupold Mark 4 performance standards.
  • Tactical Matte Black Finish is scratch-resistant, virtually corrosion proof, and non-reflecting for a stealthy approach.
  • Flip-Open Lens Covers included as standard issue on all Mark 4 LR/T riflescopes.
  • 30mm Maintube: Offers greater range of windage and elevation adjustment; incredibly rugged tube fits standard Mil-Spec rings and mounts for any compatible rifle or slug gun.
  • Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee

LEU-67905 Specifications

Mark 4® 2.5-9x36mm MR/T M1

Length (A)

9.3 in

Tube Length (B)

5.8 in


2.1 in


2.5 in

Eyepiece Length (E)


Objective Length (F)


Objective Diameter (G)

1.2 in

Eyepiece Diameter (H) 1.7 in
Tube Diameter (I)

30 mm

Actual Magnification

4.5 (1.5)

FOV @ 100 yds (ft)

23.7 (65.7)

FOV @ 100 m (m)

21.9 (7.9)

Eye Relief (in)

3.6 (4.4)

Eye Relief (mm)

91 (112)

Obj. Clear Aperture

0.8 in / 20 mm


15.0 oz / 425 g

Elevation Adj. Range (MOA)


Windage Adj. Range (MOA)


All measurements are represented as high(low).
Prismatic 1x14 Diagram 

Available Finishes
Matte Black 
Matte Black

Illuminated Special Purpose Illuminated Special Purpose
Basic, clean, popular. The Duplex reticle offers an excellent blending of bold post and fine crosshairs, providing fast accurate target acquisition at short to mid range, through the full range of the scope’s magnification. Heavy posts stand out against cover or in twilight conditions, pointing boldly to the intersection without obscuring the target. The thin central crosshairs obscure little—so centering is a snap. 

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Dual Use Ability Dual-Use Ability
The Leupold® Prismatic™ optic gives you the fast target acquisition and accuracy of a non-magnifying red dot sight. But unlike red dot sights, the Prismatic features an etched glass reticle that’s visible with or without its removable Illumination Module, or even batteries. Whether you’re a tactical user clearing a building, or a turkey hunter looking for a non-magnifying optic, the Prismatic is ideal in any situation where the action is fast and close.
Mounting Options Mounting Options:
Use standard Mil Spec 30mm scope rings and the correct mounting platform and/or adaptors make it easy to fit your AR15/M16 or other compatible weapon. You can find the recommend Leupold Tactical Base Fit and Ring Height Information for your rifle in the Leupold Mount Fit Chart, available below. Call us to order the mount you need - from Leupold or other manufacturers - or just for more information.

 Download the Leupold Mount Fit Chart

XT Lens System

Xtended Twilight Lens System™
Now your hunt can reach further into the twilight than ever before possible, with our exclusive new Xtended Twilight Lens System™. It goes a step further than even the Index Matched Lens System®, using Leupold’s® index matched glass with wavelength specific lens coatings designed to optimize the transmission of low-light wavelengths.

When most scope manufacturers quote percentage of light transmission, they usually mean at 550 nm, the green wavelength where the human eye is most sensitive. The challenge is that in twilight conditions, green light disappears and blue/violet light takes over. Your eye is already handicapped when it comes to seeing the blue/violet spectrum, and if your scope is cutting too much of it out, soon you won’t be seeing anything.

The Xtended Twilight Lens System places extra emphasis on matching coatings to glass indices to achieve the best possible transmission of the blue/violet spectrum, without sacrificing the color balanced light transmission across the visual spectrum of the Index Matched Lens System. When we combine that with superior computer-generated optical design, lead-free lenses of unsurpassed clarity and quality, and 100 years of manufacturing excellence, you have a scope that gives you the details of low-light scenes in greater definition and luminance than any other scope in the world.

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