EOTech EXPS3, Extreme Holographic Weapon Sight, NV Compatible

EOTech EXPS3, Extreme Holographic Weapon Sight, NV Compatible

EOTech EXPS3, Extreme Holographic Weapon Sight, NV Compatible

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EOTech Speed and Accuracy in a much shorter HWS for Military/Tactical ops—makes the military’s best optical battle sight even better.

The EXPS3 may be the ultimate CQB optic. Ideal for all of the new modular rifle designs, the EXPS3-0 features a single, quick release throw lever for easy attachment and removal with any standard 1” Weaver or Picatinny Rail. Three instantly accessible side-mounted buttons let you turn Night Vision on and off, and quickly scroll through 30 brightness settings (10 for NV use).
  • New EOTech design uses a single 123 lithium battery; reduces required rail space to just 2¾”
  • Unmagnified Night Vision compatible optic designed for instinctive 2-eyes-open shooting…and faster, more accurate target acquisition in CQB or long-range situations
  • Tubeless heads-up display window provides unlimited view from any angle or distance, without parallax error
  • 3 side-mounted buttons let you turn Night Vision on / off, and scroll through 30 brightness settings—10 for generation I-III+ NV
  • Durable hard coat finish in non-reflective Black or Flat Dark Earth
Simply put—the EOTech HWS locks onto the target as fast as your eyes do. Firefights in close quarter environments are won by fast, accurate target acquisition. What separates the EOTech HWS from other sighting systems is its unbeatable combination of greater speed to target and uncompromising accuracy. With its larger sight area, instinctive both-eyes-open aiming and parallax-free sight picture, the HWS delivers critical speed gains in the initial weapon presentation, in multiple target situations, and where either the operator or the threats are moving rapidly. Because the Holographic optic maintains center when viewed from any angle, it’s even possible to accurately engage targets from around physical barriers, or in awkward shooting positions. EOTech improves accuracy as well as speed, effectively increasing operator confidence and ability.

Sight in on a distant target…without being sighted. Unlike laser or red dot sights, the holographic image in an EOTech projects no position-revealing light onto the target. The projected reticle is visible only to the operator, who can remain completely hidden downrange, even against night vision systems. And because there’s no reflective glare from coated lenses like on red dot sights or scopes, you don’t need costly add-on filters that also dim your target.

EOTech Holographic Weapon Sights have revolutionized electronic sighting technology. Superior to iron and red dot sights in every way, EOTech HWS sights have been adopted by elite units in military and law enforcement agencies around the world as their preferred close quarter battle (CQB) optic for small arms.

  • Standard Reticle: 65MOA ring with 1 MOA aiming dot—the finest dot available in any optic
  • Unmagnified optic is designed for instinctive 2-eyes-open shooting
  • Tubeless heads-up display window provides an unlimited and unblocked Field of View from any angle or distance, without parallax error
  • Allows operators to maintain critical peripheral vision for engaging multiple threat situations.
  • A single transverse-mounted 123 battery significantly reduces sight length.
  • Shortened base requires only 2¾” of rail space compared to the 4” N battery sights.
  • Battery cap and latch are replaced by a simple O-ring-sealed tethered cap offering an improved watertight seal
  • Battery compartment is separated from the base, allowing it to hover over delta ring of rifle, creating even more usable rail space
  • Average battery life at brightness level 12 is roughly 600 hours, 3 times the battery life of the N sights.
  • Quickly locks onto or comes off any standard 1” Weaver or Picatinny rail fast, with a single, quick release throw lever
  • Super durable MIL-Spec all-aluminum body and interior components are designed to take plenty of punishment on or off the battlefield— even repeated recoil from .50 caliber machine guns
  • Waterproof, fog-proof, dust proof ; submergible to a depth of 33 ft



Optics: Holography – parallax free
Magnification: 1x
Eye Relief: Unlimited
Temperature: -40° to 150° F
Sealing: Internally fog-proofed optics
Adjustment (per click): 0.5 MOA (1/2” at 100 yds)
Adjustment Range: +/- 40 MOA travel


Optical Surfaces: Anti-reflective coating
Window Dimensions: 1.20” x 0.85” (30 x 23mm)
Front Window Material: 1/8” solid glass
Rear Window Material: Shatter resistant laminate (3/16” thick)
Field of View (100 yds): 30 yds (28m) at a 4” eye relief
Standard Reticle: 65MOA circle with quadrant ticks with 1 MOA aiming dot


Brightness Adjustment Range: Normal Mode 146,000:1 over 20 settings.
For models with Night Vision Mode 1,280:1 over 10 settings, and a total range of greater than 30,000,000:1
Brightness Settings: 30 settings with scrolling feature (10 settings for NV use)
Auto Battery Check Indicator: Flashing reticle upon start-up when battery is low
Auto Shut-down: At 8 hrs - programmable to 4 hrs

EOTech model EXPS3™:

Length/Width/Height: 3.5”x2.2”x2.8” (91.4x55.8x71.8mm)
Weight: 11.2 oz (317 g)
Waterproof: Submersible to 33 ft depth
Color/Finish: Non Reflective black with hard coat finish, and NEW Flat Dark Earth
Mount: 1” Weaver or (MIL-STD- 1913) rail. Adjustable for width variation.
Return to Zero: Repeatable to within 2MOA after re-mounting
Night Vision Compatibility: (10 brightness settings) for generation I-III+
Power Source: (1) 123 lithium battery
Battery Life: approx. 600 hours
Reticle: Includes 65 MOA ring with quadrant ticks and single 1 MOA dot
Military Designation: SU-231A/PEQ (FDE)
NSN: 1240-01-587-9345

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