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Uncle Mike's M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

Uncle Mike's M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

Uncle Mike's M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

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Cleans at a molecular level -- to maintain weapon reliability and performance.

Originally developed to clean weapons on U.S. Air Force F-16s, the M-Pro 7 cleaning system is a special blend of chelating agents, corrosion inhibitors, and surfactants in a non-toxic solvent base.

The M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaning Solution will get your gun bores squeaky clean and shining, but is harmless to all metal surfaces, including titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. It actually breaks down carbon so that the copper and lead fouling float free of the micropores in the surface of the metal. It is completely odorless, non-flammable, non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally safe to use. M-Pro 7 penetrates hydrocarbon-based greases, oils (will remove oil-based stock finishes) and gun powder residues. It will strip the metal completely clean, but leaves a thin, rust inhibiting film without an oily feel. Heat and agitation will accelerate the cleaning action, making it ideal for use as a tank solvent in ultrasonic systems.

  • Significantly cuts cleaning time
  • Improves accuracy and reliability
  • Removes carbon, lead and most copper fouling
  • Conditions to reduce future fouling

NOTE: This product will provide excellent results when used as a tank solvent. It is formulated to thoroughly penetrate and remove oils and greases. It is not intended for use as a lubricant. Lubrication will be necessary after tank-based cleaning.

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