Blackinton St. Michael Challenge Coin

Blackinton St. Michael Challenge Coin

Blackinton St. Michael Challenge Coin

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St. Michael, Patron Saint of Law Enforcement, Pray for Us. Protect Us...Give us Courage 

  • Carry and share Saint Michael’s inspiration and a Policeman Officer’s Prayer of guidance.
  • This large, beautifully crafted gold-plated coin is an elegant reminder to challenge yourself…and inspire others
  • St. Michael is depicted on the front in high relief, standing over Satan, sword in one hand, ready to strike; scales in his other hand, preparing to weigh the evil one’s soul before God.
  • POLICE OFFICER'S PRAYER on the reverse, gleams in gold against rich blue and black enamel
  • 1.75", Gold plate over solid brass

“Lord, give me the courage…. “Seen in scripture and legend as God’s Angelic Warrior, the leader of His armies against the forces of Satan, guardian of the Good in the battle over Evil. Saint Michael is revered throughout the Western World as the Protector of Warriors, the Patron Saint of Police Officers…and a powerful inspiration to All Who Protect and Serve.

Saint Michael is powerfully depicted in high relief on this beautiful gold-plated Challenge Coin. St. Michael… standing tall over Satan, sword in his right hand, poised to strike; in the other hand, scales to weigh the Evil one’s soul. It’s a traditional image of bravery and protection. A symbol of our own service and allegiance, inspiring us to protect others.

On the reverse, The Police Officer’s Prayer offers words of comfort and guidance. Rendered in brilliant gold plate… gleaming against a field of deep black…symbolically surrounded by a ring of blue.

“Lord, give me the courage to face the dangers of my work,
the strength of body and spirit to help others and uphold the law,
and Lord, protect me always"

This large, exquisitely crafted coin is an elegant reminder to challenge yourself and inspire others. It’s an elegant and enduring personal charm that can be displayed proudly, carried and shown with pride…or passed along as a heartfelt challenge to others.

J276-P2: 1.75", Gold Plate and enamel on Brass

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