Blackhawk Breachers Grip Shotgun Stock for Mossberg Models

Blackhawk Breachers Grip Shotgun Stock for Mossberg Models

Blackhawk Breachers Grip Shotgun Stock for Mossberg Models

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Based on the highly effective Knox SpecOps Stock™, this shotgun pistol grip cuts recoil in half and makes firing breaching rounds or heavy loads painless and easy.

This product is so effective in reducing painful recoil that a BreachersGrip™ equipped shotgun can be used effectively onehanded, even with magnum loads. Ideal for close quarters combat, the BreachersGrip™ is available for most Remington® and Mossberg® series pump shotguns. Attach a sling and your shotgun is ready when you need it or out of the way when you don’t.


  • Integrated recoil compensation system-- No more painful recoil.
  • Compact Design for improved storage options
  • "Super Tough" polymer and alloy construction for years of rugged and reliable service
  • Integrated Metal Sling Stud for easy sling installation
  • Ergonomic Pistol Grip with Integrated Non-Slip Texturing for improved shooter control and comfort
  • For Mossberg and Remington models only


Q: What is a BreachersGrip?
A: The BreachersGrip is an innovative recoil reducing pistol grip only shotgun stock. It consists of a pistol grip that attaches to the receiver. The BreachersGrip is the most comfortable shooting pistol grip stock available in the firearms industry. The BreachersGrip name is derived from the Law Enforcement or Military tactic of “breaching” a locked door with specially manufactured shotgun ammunition.

Q: Why is the BreachersGrip more comfortable to shoot than other pistol grip only stocks?
A: The BreachersGrip has an integrated recoil-reduction system inside the pistol grip that absorbs the majority of painful recoil. With other pistol grip only shotgun stocks there is no recoil reduction so all the recoil energy is transferred into the shooters hand and wrist (Ouch!). With the BreachersGrip, the majority of the recoil is removed by the mechanism located inside the pistol grip, so there is no pain transferred to the shooters hand or wrist. The BreachersGrip can be comfortably shot from the hip and even one handed (Recoil NADA!).

Q: What is the overall dimension of the BreachersGrip when installed?
A: With a BreachersGrip installed on a pump shotgun, the length from the front tip of an 18.5 inch barrel to the rear most point on the BreachersGrip is 30.25 inches.

Q: Can I use my oversized or extended safety with the BreachersGrip?
A: Remington 870 owners should NEVER use an extended “Button Head” safety in conjunction with a BreachersGrip . The extended size of the safety will cause major damage to the stock and potentially serious injury to the shooter. Extended safety buttons are not an issue on guns that have receiver top mounted safety switches. Some oversized safeties are compatible with the BreachersGrip, please contact Knoxx for available options and recommended models.

Q: Why is the BreachersGrip “perfect” for law enforcement and military applications?
A: Recoil and firearm control issues are problems that have long accompanied breaching or close quarter combat shotguns. With the dramatic reduction in recoil, even the smallest officer or soldier can handle Magnum shotgun loads with great efficiency and without fear of wrist injury . Qualification scores will go up and the shotgun will be better utilized in the field as confidence and accuracy increases. The BreachersGrip allows users to utilize larger, heavier hitting ammunition. The BreachersGrip is quick and easy to sling or deploy when needed.

Q: Is the BreachersGrip just for police and the military?
A: No, the BreachersGrip is also perfect for recreational or home defense use. Home defense experts agree that the most important aspect of keeping a shotgun for home defense is user familiarity (that means practice.) The BreachersGrip allows any sized shooter the benefits of pain-free shooting, which in time, builds self-confidence and removes any fear of the shotgun. The stock’s small size makes it ideal for easy and convenient storage.

Q: Doesn’t this make my shotgun an assault weapon?
A: No. Pump shotguns are not regulated as “assault weapons,” only by federal and state regulations with regards to minimum barrel length, and overall length. The BreachersGrip, at its shortest length, still complies with federal and state laws.

Q: What shotguns will it fit?
A: The BreachersGrip is available for Remington® 12 and 20 gauge 870 Series pump shotguns; all 12 and 20 gauge Mossberg® 500, 590, 835 variants, and Maverick 88 models; and all 12 and 20 Gauge Winchester® 1300-1200 and FNH® standard Police Series pump shotguns (Stock will NOT fit FNH® Tactical Police Shotgun). The BreachersGrip is not compatible with semi-automatic shotguns.

Q: Is there a way to attach a sling?
A: Yes. The BreachersGrip comes standard with a sling swivel stud installed on the rear of the stock.

Q: Is it strong and durable?
A: The BreachersGrip is made from high strength fiberglass-reinforced polymers and metal alloys for long service in the most extreme environments. While ideal for civilian use, it has been designed and built for military and law enforcement professionals in the most demanding situations.

Q: Is it legal?
A: Yes. It is legal to install the BreachersGrip on any pump shotgun in all 50 states.

Q: Is it difficult to install and use?
A: Once your factory stock is removed, the BreachersGrip installs by tightening one pre-installed bolt. Using the stock is intuitive and takes only seconds to figure out.
Additional Features: 

Integrated recoil compensation system
  • 75 % reduction in perceived felt recoil
  • Eliminates painful recoil
  • Eliminates shooter fatigue & recoil related wrist or hand injuries
  • Increased accuracy and faster follow-up shots
  • Cuts muzzle rise to get back on target faster
  • Reduced liability, injuries and training costs
  • Better control when utilizing breaching rounds or high base ammo

  • Compact Design
  • Reduced overall size for improved storage options/ ideal for quick use
  • Ideal for tactical entry or home defense shotguns

  • "Super Tough" Polymer and Alloy construction
  • Well proven materials for years of rugged and reliable service
  • Corrosion resistant materials for use in all weather conditions
  • Built tough for law enforcement and military environment

  • Single Bolt Installation (Pre-installed bolt & lock washer)

  • Quick and easy single bolt installation

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