Turtleskin Bravo Gloves, Needle Resistant, Black

Turtleskin Bravo Gloves, Needle Resistant, Black

Turtleskin Bravo Gloves, Needle Resistant, Black

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Needle Protection in a Comfortable and Breathable Design

Designed for warm weather, TurtleSkin Bravo Gloves are constructed with a mesh knit that provides excellent breathability combined with outstanding cut and needle puncture protection. Extremely lightweight, the Bravo is an excellent choice for officers in warm climates as well as indoor work for court and corrections officers.

  • Hypodermic needle- and cut-resistant palm and fingertips
  • Breathable mesh knit, helps keep skin cool
  • Outstanding dexterity with short break-in time
  • High-stretch knit backing for snug fit
Advanced Puncture and Cut Protection
TurtleSkin Police Gloves represent the next generation in high performance law enforcement equipment. These gloves, which offer police officers advanced needlestick and cut protection, are available in six different models and various sizes to meet most officers' demanding safety needs.

Best Hypodermic Needle Protection
No police glove is cut or puncture proof, TurtleSkin Gloves included. However, TurtleSkin Police Gloves do provide the highest levels of cut and hypodermic needle resistance of any police glove on the market today.

Glove Sizing
To ensure comfortable, secure hand protection, TurtleSkin Glove sizes are based on accurate hand measurements. Our gloves come in multiple sizes to precisely fit many different hands. Use the following charts to determine your correct glove size.

NOTE: Use the longest "finger length" or "hand width" measurement to find your size. If your longest measurement falls between sizes, order the larger size.

Width Measurement: Wrap a tailor's measuring tape around your dominant hand just below knuckles, excluding your thumb, and make a fist. This measurement is your "hand width" glove size.
US Sizes   EU Sizes  
 6-7 inches  XS  152-178 mm  EU-6
 7-8 inches  S  178-203 mm  EU-7
 8-9 inches  M  203-229 mm  EU-8
 9-10 inches  L  229-254 mm  EU-9
 10-11 inches  XL  154-179 mm  EU-10
 11 + inches  XXL  279 + mm  EU-11

Length Measurement: Measure from the bottom edge of your palm to the tip of your middle finger to determine your "finger length" size.
US Sizes   EU Sizes  
 6 5/16 inches  XS  160 mm  EU-6
 6 3/4 inches  S  171 mm  EU-7
 7 3/16 inches  M  182 mm  EU-8
 7 9/16 inches  L  192 mm  EU-9
 8 1/16 inches  XL  204 mm  EU-10
 8 7/16 + inches  XXL  215 + mm  EU-11

TurtleSkin Law Enforcement Gloves offer unsurpassed needle, knife, and razor protection for military, police, security guards, and corrections officers. Military, law enforcement, and corrections facilities trust TurtleSkin to provide their personnel the most advanced personal protective equipment. TurtleSkin's patented, high performance fabrics deliver excellent protection from HIV, hepatitis C, and other bloodborne diseases that can be transmitted from needlesticks. If these threats are all in a day's work for you, trust TurtleSkin to make your job safer!

TurtleSkin protective materials, produced by Warwick Mills, offer high performance and patented protection in specialty fabrics engineered for personal and occupational safety. Warwick Mills’ commitment to life-safety products results in the research and development of new fiber composites for the most challenging safety applications. Law enforcement stab and cut prevention in lightweight TurtleSkin products offer personal protection without sacrificing dexterity and comfort. Warwick Mills holds the patent for the tightest weave ever achieved using aramid fibers, effectively preventing fine penetrators from passing through the fabric, resulting in superior protection.

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