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Smith Optics Aegis ARC Echo Eyeshield Field Kit, Black Frame/Clear Lens, Gray Spare Lens

Smith Optics Aegis ARC Echo Eyeshield Field Kit, Black Frame/Clear Lens, Gray Spare Lens

Smith Optics Aegis ARC Echo Eyeshield Field Kit, Black Frame/Clear Lens, Gray Spare Lens

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Designed for hours of pain-free use with over-the-ear hearing protection or communication system.

Finally, a ballistic spectacle designed for use with and without over-the-ear hearing protection and communications systems. The Aegis Echo is designed for anyone who has ever felt the “rage” of their temple and helmet combination digging in over hours of use. Once you wear the Echo, you will wonder why you use anything else!

The new Aegis Echo comfort-fit temple is designed to fit comfortably for extended wear with over-the-ear hearing protection and communication systems. This temple is made with alloy and can be adjusted for a custom fit.

  • PivLock Lens Interchange Technology allows for fast lens exchange
  • Super-thin alloy temples fit cleanly under eardrop without breaking the seal
  • Temples are moldable for the best fit
  • Meets U.S. Mil Spec MIL-PRF-31013 and ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Designed for extended wear – eliminates pressure points
  • Anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating on all lenses
  • 100% protection from UVA/UVB rays
  • Compatible with all Aegis lenses
  • Tapered Lens Technology corrects distortion
  • Good fit for hat size 7 1/4 or greater
  • Kit comes with Black frame/Clear lens glasses, Gray spare lens, carrying case, spare lens bags, retainer and a No Fog cloth
Aegis Size Options: The Aegis line offers two frame sizes: the standard and the “compact.” The larger standard frame is approximately 15% larger than the “compact” frame.

Tactical Lifestyle: Smith Optics Elite acknowledges the need for eyewear that provides protection when you’re NOT expecting trouble. Drawing from the Smith Optics Elite design philosophy and Smith Optics’s experience in making exceptionally wearable eyewear, the Tactical Lifestyle line of protection offers Smith Optics protection while bringing Smith Optics style into the picture.

Tactical Core: Smith Optics Elite has fused years of experience developing the world’s most innovative eyewear with the competency of the professionals found within its core program. The experts performing tactical mission sets daily has spawned the highest performing tactical eyewear line in the industry. Integration, maximum protection, optimized fit and function pair with precision optics to provide ultimate capability for those on the extreme edge of the tactical spectrum.

School of Design: Smith Optics Elite takes the concept of integration to a new level by adopting the military’s Human Systems Integration (HSI) process. This approach takes human variables such as fit, optical performance, ballistic performance, integrated equipment, and weapons interface into account to refine a product’s functionality across the spectrum of factors. They design specifically to optimize performance allowing real-world testing to drive the product’s evolution.

PivLock Technology: Smith Optics Elite introduced the fastest and easiest lens interchange system available. PivLock technology is the ultimate combination of performance and style and it’s a Smith Optics exclusive. They have incorporated the PivLock Lens Interchange Technology in the Aegis eyeshield. You have more important things to do with your time than messing around with a lens. Flip, switch, and get to it.

Serialization: In the world of body armor and ballistic helmets, standardized serialization allows for completely transparent backward tracking of every item. Eyewear is simply an extension of these foundational ballistic components. The Tactical Core line of products now adopts this practice. The unique serial number found on the Aegis eyeshields and the OTW goggle allows for discrete traceability of every lens produced. Smith Optics didn’t have to do this but they chose to as proof that every lens meets the highest level of production and validation standards. Our tactical athletes deserve the highest level of protection coupled with the highest level of transparency in the industry. Why would you trust anything else?

Lens Material: Quality materials help Smith Optics achieve their goal of premium protection. They use top grade polycarbonate in their tactical core lenses and a proprietary polymer material in their Tactical Lifestyle lenses.

Lens Coatings: Fogging is performance inhibiting, annoying, and dangerous. Smith Optics knows more about fog prevention than anyone. They were founded with the invention of the non-fogging goggle over 45 years ago. Their anti-fog technologies keep your line of sight crystal clear, so all you have to think about is your objective.

Tapered Lens Technology-TLT Optics: Distortion occurs whenever light passes through any medium, including curved lenses. Smith Optics virtually eliminates all optical distortion with TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) Optics. TLT Optics progressively attunes lens thickness from lens center to the periphery, straightening light rays before they enter the eye so what you see is 100% of what you get.

Protection is Paramount: Terms like MIL SPEC and ANSI Z87.1 describe ballistic protection by defining impact resistance of a projectile at a predetermined velocity. Smith Optics use aggressive research and testing to deliver materials that don’t just meet standards, they outclass them. Their lenses are engineered to absorb impacts that exceed requirements with optimized optical clarity. You don’t settle for just getting by and neither do they.

Engineering: Smith Optics is fortunate to work with their own top level engineering team. They are hands on and take their jobs seriously. They know they are the gate keeper for quality. Smith Optics is constantly testing impact resistance, optical quality, fog time, abrasion resistance, and light transmission to ensure consistent dependability at the leading edge of product design. Their engineers make sure they get the results so you can focus on the mission.

Sunglass Safety Rx: The Elite Tactical Lifestyle Sunglass frames meet the ANSI Z87.1-2003 standard for high impact and can be filled with safety prescriptions. The frames are molded in durable, impact rated material and provide the safety required on the job disguised in frame styles you’ll want to wear on the weekend. The Rx frames are marked according to ANSI Z87.1-2003 requirements. Prescriptions can be filled direct through Smith Optics or through their trusted optical partners. Please contact them at 800-635-4401 for more information.

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