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SoundOff Signal nForce Single Windshield Light, Gen3 LEDs, Single, Split and Tri-Color

SoundOff Signal nForce Single Windshield Light, Gen3 LEDs, Single, Split and Tri-Color

SoundOff Signal nForce Single Windshield Light, Gen3 LEDs, Single, Split and Tri-Color

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Single Windshield Light with Intense Forward and Off-Angle Illumination Driven by Nexus Technology.

nForce is the first full-line, tri-color family of perimeter lighting products on the market designed to integrate aesthetically and functionally with today's evolved police vehicle designs. Early in the design phase, SoundOff Signal partnered with Tiger Design Studio to create a theme that would effectively blend with the next generation of police vehicles: Dodge Charger, Ford Sedan and Utility Interceptors as well as the Chevy Caprice PPV. Tiger Studio incorporated dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes to minimize size and integrate with new vehicle styling.
  • Available with 6, 9, 12 or 18 Gen3 LEDs
  • Single, Split and Tri-Color Capability
  • 12 or 24 Flash Patterns Available
  • Choose Suction Cup or Permanent Mounting

nForce’s broad offering ensures that the right solution is available no matter the complexity of application. nForce can be specified in either a six, nine and twelve LED solid or split LED color(s) or an extremely intense 18 LED tri-color configuration. Steady-on white scene lighting can be synced with the lightbar.


  • Single, Split and Tri-Color Capability
  • 6, 9, 12 and 18 LED Counts
  • Permanent Mount with Black Housing
  • Suction Cup Mount with Black Housing
  • Steady-On White Can Be Synced with the Lightbar
  • Intense Forward and Off-Angle Illumination Driven by Nexus Technology
  • SAE Class 1 Photometric Class Ranking
  • No Hassle Limited Warranty Coverage

nForce, powered by SoundOff  Signal’s next generation Nexus Technology,™ provides a strong balance of vertical and wide-angle light output to meet or exceed Class 1 J595 and California Title 13 requirements. SoundOff Signal’s problem solving design is how they bring new, smartly designed products to the emergency vehicle market—so you can perform your best with peace of mind.  Best of all, nForce delivers the quality and smart design you’ve come to expect from SoundOff Signal.

Technical Specifications:

Single Mount Dimensions: 6.80”L x 1.43”H x 5.00”D
Flash Patterns 12 Single color patterns, 24 Dual and Tri-color patterns
Input Voltage: 10 - 16 Vdc
Technology: Gen3 LEDs
Operating Temperature: -40˚C to +65°C

Current Draw Per Module:

  • 6 LED Single Color: < 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc
  • 6 LED Split Color: < 0.5A @ 12.8Vdc
  • 9 LED Single Color: < 1.5A @ 12.8Vdc
  • 12 LED Single Color: < 2.0A @ 12.8Vdc
  • 12 LED Split Color: < 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc
  • 18 LED Tri-Color: < 1.0A @ 12.8Vdc

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Important Information: Warning devices are strictly regulated and governed by Federal, State and Municipal ordinances. These devices shall be used ONLY on approved vehicles. It is the sole responsibility of the user of these devices to ensure compliance.


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