Pelican Layered Pick-N-Pluck Foam

Pelican Layered Pick-N-Pluck Foam

Pelican Layered Pick-N-Pluck Foam

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3 Piece Foam Set4 Piece Foam Set5 Piece Foam Set6 Piece Foam Set7 Piece Foam Set
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Case #0340Case #0350Case #0370Case #1120Case #1150Case #1200Case #1300Case #1400Case #1430Case #1440Case #1450Case #1470Case #1490Case #1495Case #1500Case #1510Case #1520Case #1550Case #1560Case #1600Case #1610Case #1620Case #1630Case #1640Case #1650Case #1660Case #1690Case #1700Case #1720Case #1750
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Choose a Pick 'N' Pluck Foam set to fit your Pelican Protector Case and the gear you want to keep secure.

These multi-layer polyurethane foam sets are engineered to make it easy. The upper egg-crate foam for the lid and thinner bottom piece provide a protective base and cushion for vertical monement. The pre-cut grid area in the middle layers allows you to more quickly customize the arrangement of your equipment. Simply lay out your equipment with adequate space between each item, and remove the foam to create a snug, protective opening for each item. Sizes available to fit most Pelican Cases.
  • A three, four, five, six, or seven-piece Pick-N-Pluck Foam set
  • Polyurethane foam keeps the contents of your case protected
  • Pre-cut grid area allows you to more easily customize the arrangement of your equipment to keep it more secure
3 Piece Foam Set for Case: 1080, 1120, 1150, 1200, 1400, 1450, 1470, 1490, 1495, 1500, 1520, 1700, 1720, 1750
4 Piece Foam Set for Case: 1300, 1510, 1550, 1560, 1600, 1650
5 Piece Foam Set for Case: 1430, 1610, 1630, 1640, 1660, 1690
6 Piece Foam Set for Case: 1440, 1620, 1780
7 Piece Foam Set for Case: 0340, 0350, 0370

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