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Open Door, Inc Wedge-It

Open Door, Inc Wedge-It

Open Door, Inc Wedge-It

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3 ways to hold a door open at 90°:

WEDGE-IT could be the world's most versatile, portable, temporary, light weight door stop. It was designed by Emergency Service Personnel to hold doors open to a 90 degree angle from any of 3 different locations. Because of its convenience and ease of use it has been adopted by other trades and professions. Available in Black, Orange, Green, or Yellow.
  • (1) On top of the door
  • (2) Over the hinge pin
  • (3) On the floor. All with one very versatile little door stop.
The Wedge-It is designed to hold an interior or exterior door open to a 90 degree angle. It can be placed (1) on top of the door (2) over the door (3) or on the floor.
1. On top of door:
With door open to a 90 degree angle place Wedge-It over hinge between door and the door jamb.
2. Over the Hinge Pin:
With door open to a 90 degree angle place Wedge-It over hinge between door and the door jamb.
3. On the Floor:
Wedge-It can be used on the floor like a traditional wooden or rubber door stop. Wedge-It can also be placed in the opening of metal framed glass doors that pivot at top and bottom.



Ribbed construction for maximum strength while weighing less than 3 oz.
Virtually indestructible because of LEXAN? plastic construction, the same as bullet proof glass
Small enough to fit in a pocket, strong enough to hold open the largest of doors and portable enough to hang on a uniform or trauma kit
Notched to fit over top of hinge pin and hole is provided to assist with carrying
Eliminates the use of rolled up newspapers, flower pots, doormats or other objects to hold doors open

Who's Using It:
Emergency Services Fire Services Ambulance Personnel Housekeeping staff
Police Urban Search and Rescue Moving and Delivery Companies Industrial
Bomb Squad Hotel/Motel Industries Construction Services Residential
S.W.A.T. Bellhops Janitorial Industries Corporate


"It's great! It's versatile, dependable and reliable. We use it all the time. I haven't found a door yet it hasn't worked on."

Captain Dowling
LAFD, 25 years experience Metropolitan Fire Suppression Division.


"I love it, we use it in all tactical situations. It's very practical and its multiple uses are great. The Wedge-It is worth its weight in gold."

Ralph Gray
LA County Sheriffs, Special Weapons Team


"We clean over two dozen offices a night, and the Wedge-It comes in very handy with our busy schedule."

Jeff Garvin
Arnold's Cleaning Service, Los Angeles


"My factory has controlled environments areas for manufacturing. The Wedge-It allows for quick safe movement of materials between work stations with limited environmental degradation."

Lawrence Riddley
JFL Industries, Los Angeles


"We get several deliveries daily. My staff and the truck drivers happily use the Wedge-It every time. No more lifting a heavy brick to hold open the door."

Patrick Schruben
Fast Frame, Palm Desert


"The Wedge-It door stop does it all, and more. After seeing this strange looking device for the first time, I knew we had to get one and test it out.
The wedge not only met, but exceeded all of our expectations. It not only held the door open in the three advertised ways, but it also stays in place under the door when pushing the door open with our pike pole. To say that we found what we've been looking for is an understatement."

Ed Mohn
Northern Illinois Police Alarm System Emergency Services Team


"I go in and out of apartments and condominiums and up and down stair wells all day long carrying long mini-blinds and draperies. I can't afford to get them dirty or caught in those self closing doors. I use this Wedge-It on just about half of my installations."

Steve Nacker
Barrens Draperies, Northridge Calif.


"Since I've started using my new Wedge-It, I no longer have to worry about the screen door slamming shut with my arms loaded with groceries. Thank you."

Julie Kolb
Mother of three, Chicago, Illinois

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