Dicke Fold and Roll, Emergency Traffic Control Sign System

Dicke Fold and Roll, Emergency Traffic Control Sign System

Dicke Fold and Roll, Emergency Traffic Control Sign System

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Ultra compact and extremely portable, Dicke's Fold and Roll Emergency Traffic Control Sign System goes from stored to deployed in 20 seconds flat!

Dicke’s Original Fold and Roll collapsible design makes required emergency traffic control signs easier to carry and easier to store. And setup is literally a snap. This sign uses a collapsible leg and panel design for compact storage and easy transportation to and from the work zone. The extremely compact all-in-one design eliminates the need to have separate storage locations for stands and signs. The Dicke patented leg kick release and snap-in hub mechanism makes for a quick hassle-free setup, allowing crews to be safer and more productive.

The system includes a double flag holder at the top of the stand and an EMERGENCY SCENE AHEAD roll-up sign in the Fluorescent Pink color recommended by FHWA and NFPA for use at emergency scenes. Compact, rapidly set up, and highly visible, Dicke's Fold and Roll Emergency Traffic Control Sign System meets MUCTD 2003 and is NCHRP-350 approved for crashworthiness.

Setup Instructions:



  1. Compact system is easy to store and carry to the scene and ready for instant deployment.
  2. Patented Dicke Kick Release lets you quickly lock legs into place.
  3. Unwrap VELCRO® brand strap to release sign panel. Pull vertical support arm upward, locking it into place.
  4. To finish setup, lock horizontal ribs in place by pulling and snapping them into hub Self-locking steel center hub creates a secure support for the sign panel assembly.

Features of DynaFlex Sign Stands (DF3003 Series):

  • Unique patented energy-absorbing dual torsion spring system.
  • Lightning fast setup!
  • Ultra compact system storage dimensions.
  • Patented leg Kick-Release with two-position height adjustment allows for quick set-up and tear-down.
  • Two horizontal steel coil springs for gliding effect back and forth in the harshest of conditions.
  • Displays both 36" and 48" roll-up signs.
  • Telescopic aluminum legs.
  • Includes Stablock™ style panel holder
  • Meets NCHRP-350 Requirements for Crashworthiness.
  • DF3000X-36PNK: 36" System, Pink Sign
  • DF3003X-48PNK: 48" System, Pink Sign


  • DynaFlex Sign Stand
  • 36" or 48" Roll-up sign
  • All systems include a double flagholder and two 18" vinyl flags

Optional VELCRO® brand overlays allow for easy customization. Choose from a range of VELCRO® brand overlays that can be placed over each word or line in any order to quickly and inexpensively customize your signs for the situation at hand.

Overlays available to change the legends for 36” and 48” signs include:

  • FIRE
  • ROAD
  • Plus blank and directional arrow overlays
  • See RELATED PRODUCTS to order these options or call 800-852-6088 with questions.

NCHRP-350 COMPLIANT. This product has been independently tested and certified to meet the crash-worthy requirements of NCHRP-350.
Covered under one or more of the following: WZ-17, WZ-25, WZ-50, WZ-99, WZ-125.


Model System Size Min. Sign
Display Ht.
Stand only
DF3000X-36: 36"  12" 7.5" x 7.7" x 30" 48" x 71" 20 lbs 21 lbs
DF3003X-48: 48"  12" 7.5" x 7.7" x 30" 58" x 90" 22 lbs 24 lbs.

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