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Book Brave Hearts, by Cynthia Brown, Paperback

Book Brave Hearts, by Cynthia Brown, Paperback

Book Brave Hearts, by Cynthia Brown, Paperback

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Read Brave Hearts from beginning to end. You will never look at police officers the same way again.

“Anyone interested in the police and their unique way of life should read Brave Hearts, fifteen fascinating true stories about cops that dramatically reveal what makes them tick.”
--Joseph Wambaugh

Brave Hearts takes you inside the hearts and minds of fifteen police officers as they go about the difficult tasks of protecting people from harm. Whether gathering intelligence to stop a terrorist attack, conducting an international narcotics investigation, working undercover to get illegal weapons off the streets, tracking a serial murderer, ending a gun battle, or mediating a domestic dispute, the men and women in Brave Hearts give new meaning to the word heroic. The author’s long-term relationships with the police and her unusual access to the people who work in this insular profession have enabled her to take us on a unique and startling voyage into the trenches of the law enforcement world.

You will feel the tragic aftermath of 9/11 as first responders to the disaster share their stories never told before. You will gain unique insights as the women talk frankly about their experiences working in the alpha-male world of the police. You will be there as officers cope with unimaginable violence, cruelty, and sadness. And you will learn about the love and affection that develop between people who depend on one another, at times for their very lives. If you read Brave Hearts, you will understand why people across the country are saying this book changed the way they feel about the police.

From the pages of Brave Hearts . . .
“I think people would be surprised how many cops worry about the people we have to arrest. When I see someone go off to jail for killing someone, I think, there go the lives of two human beings, the person who died and the person who committed the crime. The years I worked undercover, there were times I had to be in the suspect’s home. If they had little kids, I would look at them and realize that in a couple of weeks, a month, or maybe a year, these children won’t have a daddy because I am going to arrest him. You think about your own family, you look at your kids, and you feel their love for you. Then you realize that the little boy whose father you are about to send to jail loves his dad the same way your kids love you. You ask yourself, who is really being hurt? Sometimes you can’t avoid the answer. It’s the kids who suffer. A lot of people don’t dig that deep when they think about police work. If they did, I think they would understand and appreciate us more than they do.”

About the author
Cynthia Brown has spent three decades working with the U.S. law enforcement profession. Early in her career she organized community meetings for the police and residents in one of Boston’s most crime plagued neighborhoods. Later she produced a neighborhood newsletter for the Boston Police Department that was distributed throughout the city’s five police districts. In 1994 she founded American Police Beat, a national monthly magazine where she serves as publisher. American Police Beat is the nation’s largest, most influential law enforcement publication. Brown is the recipient of many awards for her work including the prestigious National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund’s Distinguished Service Award. Past recipients have included former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, and several U.S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives.

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